Don’t make your audience leave the content they’re enjoying to interact with your ad.

Empower billions of shoppers across the globe to make better purchase decisions and increase post-purchase satisfaction through try-before-you-buy  Augmented Reality Ads.

Geenee AR’s newest interactive programmatic ad format, In-Feed Augmented Reality Ads, improves traditional online ad performance with virtual try-on and contextual true-size technologies.

Audiences can now interactively engage and make a purchase with Geenee AR’s ad solution, without being interrupted from the content they love. This AR advertising technology solution provides the necessary visual context and ease-of-use needed to compel the customer to make the purchase. 

Our solution improves clickthrough rates (CTRs), engagement rates, in-view session times, brand recall, purchase intent and overall performance versus standard image or video in-feed ads.

Augmented Reality Ads, Shopify, sunglass hut, Vans

Geenee’s In-Feed AR ads are available for all categories – home, automobile, fashion and beauty try-on across major DSP platforms and world-class publications.

Customize the interactive ads based on your needs – whether conversion means making an appointment, seeing which product will fit in the customer’s space, or virtually trying on apparel, handbags, hats, glasses, necklaces, earrings, watches or more to make sure it’s the color, size and shape that looks best. 

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