Geenee Inc. Quarterly Report: Augmented Reality Meets the Blockchain

Suddenly, digital content that was once considered to be “worthless” can be tracked, traded, sold, and swapped, with value and ownership recorded on the blockchain.

From Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet that sold for $2.9M, to the viral “Charlie bit my finger video,” which cashed in at an astonishing $760K, the NFT gold rush has become too significant to ignore.

This is the beginning of a new online era, where data ownership, digital compensation, and provenance are ingrained in the very fabric of the internet. It’s where the convergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, the spatial web, augmented reality, 5G and the internet of things converge.

This report dives into the state of the Augmented Reality industry at the intersection of the blockchain and AR, exploring landmark moments, stakeholder perspectives, and predictions of where it may all end up.


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