WebAR Experiences That Drive Results


Quickly and Easily Launch Impactful Campaigns

White Label Web App

License our technology to empower your community with DIY tools to build & share AR experiences inspired by your brand.

Built-In Template Library

From engagement to conversion, we know what works. Choose from a series of experience templates proven to drive results.

Flexible Campaign Design

Our sophisticated experience editor lets you customize the creative to fit your brand.

Everything you Need to Launch an Immersive Augmented Reality Campaign in Minutes

Publishing AR shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve built a simple web-based tool that anyone can use.

Core Features
  • White Label Web App
  • IR
  • World AR (Slam) and Marker AR
  • Templates
  • Preview
  • Publish Instantly
  • Flexible Design
  • A/B Testing
  • User Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • NFT Connect
  • Android & iPhone Friendly
  • Drag & Drop Interface Designer
  • Real Time Web App & Phone Previewer
Development Features
  • SDK
  • Custom Code
Template Library
  • World AR
  • Marker AR
  • Video Embed page
  • Drawer
  • Iframe page
  • Image Gallery
  • Splash page
Coming Soon
  • Drag & Drop Animation & Interaction Editor
  • Game Template
  • Facial Tracking
  • QR Code Designer
  • Scene Scheduler
AR Features
  • Sketchfab Integration
  • Multi AR Assets
  • Size, Position & Rotation Editor
  • Scene Transitions
  • Custom Code Integration
  • Spotify Embed
  • AR formats: .glb, .mp4, .gif, .png, .jpg, .mp3
  • Shared Asset Library

Browser-Based Editor

Log in from anywhere and collaborate with co-workers to quickly build & publish interactive web-based Augmented Reality.

No Coding Required

Drag & drop your 3D animated assets into our experience editor, and preview what the user will see in real-time.

No App Needed to Experience

Save yourself a visit to the app store. Your audience can access Geenee-powered Web AR experiences directly from the mobile browser.

Captivate Your Audience Like Never Before with Geenee Web AR

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