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Face Tracking
Become your favourite Marvel character with Geenee face filters
Clone X
Take your favourite NFT into real-time AR & become your avatar
Stranger Things
An AR game for Stranger Things Superfans
Gesture-Controlled AR
Create AR so you can create in AR
Steve Aoki
Take your best dance moves into The Sandbox metaverse with your Steve Aoki avatar
WebAR Multiplayer Game
Take virtual gameplay into AR with this dynamic multiplayer game
Sandbox Snoop
Voxel Snoop becomes a digital dance partner
Voice AR
Try AR Pup voice commands “sit,” “shake,” “roll over,” “play dead"
Gesture AR
Control the AR particle sphere with your arm movements
Porsche 911
Explore the features of the new '22 Porsche 911
Boonji Wearable
Create & mint your 3D wearable AR NFTs to engage the 3.0 audience
Concurrent Play
Engaging and interactive simultaneous AR play
Tony Hawk
Interactive AR to engage fans in innovative play
AR Portals
Walk inside to explore a 360-scene and activate immersive content
Product Viewer
See true-scale items in your space prior to purchase, minimizing returns
Education AR gaming improves retention by as much as 90%
Fans wear the Devils' Jersey and turn themselves into trading cards
Explore the features of the '22 Wagoneer in AR and schedule a test drive
Pepsi NFL
Game day recipes all season long, shared by each teams' star player
Star Wars
Activate interactive fan content across outdoor furniture & DVD release
Hunger Games
Bring the book cover of this fan-favorite series to life in AR
Travis Rice
Sell a signature snowboard to benefit the Orca Conservancy
Virtual Try-On
The most performative full-body tracking solution available for the Web
Fans become their favorite characters, wearing costumes from the play