AR Ads

Try-on within the display ad increases engagement and buyers intent

Provide the visual context and ease-of-use needed to compel the customer to make the purchase

Allow your audiences to engage and make purchases without being forced to leave the content they’re enjoying

New Interactive Try-On Ads Acquire Customers

Try-on within the display ad takes the guesswork out of shopping, providing the visual context needed when shopping online.
Targeted AR Ads

Target across 100s of publishers across major DSP platforms and world-class publications. Our featured DSP partners include Audience X, Teads, and The Trade Desk.

Drive Highly Qualified Traffic

Generate qualified traffic returning a cost-effective funnel. Conversion rates increase by 250% when products are supported by virtual try-on software.

Cross-Category AR Ads

Geenee AR Technology is available for all categories from apparel, watches, beauty, glasses, earrings, automobile, home goods, hats, and more.

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