Advertisers know that AR sells. Studies have shown that AR increases engagement, conversion & brand awareness. 

When applied to the NFT world, providing the tools to engage the community to share the NFT collection is key to a successful collection. Once someone engages, they lock into what happens next. 

Geenee’s body tracking technology allows for your community members to literally be the NFTs, capture themselves in any real or virtual environment and quickly and easily and share their media across every social channel. This multi-verse wow factor – being the avatar across the real world and metaverse, creates a cyclical effect, bringing more eyeballs into the project, engaging more people, increasing demand and driving up the collection’s value. Wow. 

Our drip release began a couple weeks ago launching on Twitter Spaces. As we tease out the 3D Boonji, follow our social channels and @boonjiproject

Here’s some recents from the Boonji’s World Tour:

Landed on Earth

Taj Mahal

Spotted at Super Bowl 

Zion National Park 

Las Vegas

Walk of Fame (Hollywood)

Boonji catches an ‘Unreal’ ride back to the future