Use Cases

Whether your industry is Fashion, Beauty, Gaming, Furniture, Education, CPG or Art, WebAR increases lead generation, sales & customer loyalty. Contact us to get up and running.
Accessory Try On
Boost sales with hat, eyewear, watches, bracelets, earrings, bags try-on
Apparel Try On
WebAR shopping experiences as micro-sites, pop outs or product page embeds
Beauty Try On
Incorporate virtual makeup looks to motivate beauty product sales
Increase engagement and loyalty with in-game rewards and offers
Hologram Storytelling
Volumetric holograms tell, teach, interact in the user's space
Phygital Merchandise
Create physical products with digital overlays to enhance the experience
Live Activations
On-premise activations, including gesture-controlled games
Product Visualization
True-size digital twins to visualize products in your space
Music & Dance
Promote new music, avatars or characters with viral dance challenges
Voice Response AR
Bring your mascot to life with voice-controlled commands
Interactive 360 Portals
Create life-sized digital rooms to let your audience explore and interact
AR Loyalty Programs
Make interactive AR loyalty tokens to wow your community