The new normal in 2020 is hybrid events that take place in person and in the digital space. With WebAR, we can bring the event to your audience, wherever they are.

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Companies around the world are experimenting with new ways to reach their audiences who previously flocked to live events, bringing in a global virtual events market valued at $77.98 billion in 2019.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, live events as we know them in the form of packed out stadiums, concert venues and arenas have been put on hold, but the events industry is anything but dead. Using Web-based Augmented Reality means audiences can still gather, engage, and interact even more so than was previously possible in-person.

WebAR offers a lightweight and affordable solution where your audience can drop an event and activation into their home and then engage, play, shop, and share. With no app download required, win your audience over on the first click.

From concerts to comedy and conferences, here are three ways you can use WebAR for your hybrid event marketing strategy:

Image: AR experience by Kaws, for Travis Scott’s album The Scotts


Music labels and artists are all asking the question of how to monetize their work while touring is out of the question. Many artists are even holding back on releasing new albums without the means to tour it and build fandom, but WebAR means that an artist can reach audiences at home with fun and interactive experiences.

WebAR is not intended to replace the concert and touring experience, but it brings fans new content that enables them to feel closer to the music and artist, and it’s an experience that they can interact with, and share online to support the acts they love, enabling organic music discovery via social media.

Album listening parties and new content drops with engaging CTA’s to purchase the album, buy merch and reserve tickets to upcoming concert streams, are all easy to produce with a one-click WebAR activation that can be distributed to fans across the globe with a customised artist URL.

Image credit: CNET; AR experience by Snap Inc.


Comedy clubs are working hard, following strict guidelines for health and safety, to continue to hold live events on-site with a limited audience, while simultaneously streaming to audiences tuning in from home. While the in-person event is a prime experience, we ask, is it possible to hold your audience’s attention in the same way from home?

When audiences are at the venue they are more likely to consume additional content such as purchase drinks, snacks, memorabilia, photo booth opportunities and VIP seating options. These additional purchases are critical in keeping venue doors open, and supporting the comedians who travel far and wide to reach their audience.

With WebAR, an experience can be activated before, during or after an event as bonus content for at-home audiences. Hilarious and surprise content calls on users to share their selfies with custom content, purchase tickets, explore upcoming events, and learn more about the venues and comedians to support them during these difficult times.

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This year we have all tumbled through a variety of online conference experiences, learning with the event organizers about what works and what doesn’t. Without exception, simple has proven to be the best option to activate and engage an audience who is faced with a bombardment of conference calls at every waking hour.

Augmented reality is no longer gimmicky but rather a powerful tool to provide added value for users. One of the main benefits of WebAR is that there is no app download required, erasing a massive point of friction to attract and onboard new users.

Using a link to access the experience on your mobile device, our image recognition software can recognize visual markers in the form of images or videos to launch the activation. Even pre-COVID it was a challenge and a huge expense to showcase products and content in person. Now, WebAR provides the option to transport your assets to your audience with just one click. It can be in the form of a 3D animated and interactive model, or as simple as a 360 Mobile AR narrative.

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WebAR is Coming to a Phone Near You

Whether you are marketing for a concert, music label, comedian or conference, WebAR enables you to tell stories and share experiences that your audience will recall for years to come — and the unprecedented events of this year have accelerated the advancement and need for a technology that powers new ways to reach your audience.

Our team members are event goers; concert, comedy and conference attendees, and want to support your campaign to bring back the magic of a live experience to audiences at home.

Colorful and interactive content generates pre-event hype, where fans and followers can interact, transact, and share content on social media. In combination with well crafted hashtags, these WebAR campaigns can deliver a ROI on your digital marketing campaign. We love exploring new ideas, and you can reach our team on LinkedIn at any time to learn about WebAR for your upcoming events.

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