Wristwear Try-On

Immerse yourself in virtual try-on for watches and bracelets, enhancing engagement and reducing returns.

  • Reduce returns by 40%, ensuring the perfect fit for every piece.
  • Quadruple conversion rates, making shopping effortless.
  • Seamlessly integrate wrist tracking and try-on features for a personalized experience.
  • Optimize inventory management with pre-order options.
  • Streamline design processes and conserve resources.
  • Elevate video calls with AR filters showcasing wristwear styles.

Example Projects

Tiffany & Co.
Find the perfect wrist adornment with GEENEE bracelet try-on.
Tag Heuer Watches
Experience the luxury of Tag Heuer watches with our virtual try-on.
Lock Bracelet
Virtually try on the iconic Tiffany Lock Bracelet for a touch of timeless elegance.