Multi-talented music artist Jevon doesn’t just enlist audio and visual aesthetics for his debut album drop “Fell In Love In Brasil’, he also enlists a new dimension: the spatial web. 

For each track on “Fell In Love In Brasil’, released February 5th, Jevon transports his audience into the world of the music itself. He brings the narrative, lyrics, and the very feeling of his music into the homes of his fans with augmented reality. 

The AR experience was a collaboration between Platoon Music, 1983 Creative,  Pretty Big Monster, and Geenee, built on QuickLooks and WebXR technology and delivered through the Web.   

Fell In Love In Brasil’ Augmented Reality Album Drop: How it Works

To access the AR experience, fans can discover it on the album website, scan the QR code, and explore 12 unique augmented reality environments that are launched directly from their phone. 

Even without the QR code, fans can access the experience through a URL portal to Jevon’s WebAR album drop by visiting It’s a one-click launch into an album that challenges the norms of music experience and album campaigning as a one-stop-shop to global launch.

The link can be shared on any social media platform where it has the potential to simultaneously reach and engage an unlimited number of new fans. 

WebAR: Seamless Sharing 

Once you’ve tried out the experience above, you may have realized that there was no app involved. This is WebAR, augmented reality that is launched directly from a web browser. 

WebAR allows users to easily share augmented reality experiences through a mobile browser – no app required. All you have to do is navigate to the webpage URL through any iOS or Android smartphone camera.

It removes any point of friction as users try to access the experience, and they can share it just as easily. 

WebAR is easy to make, easy to update and integrates into any digital marketing campaign. 

You can be the first to try out Geenee’s WebAR no-coding-required, drag-and-drop builder by signing up here.


WebAR: A Powerful Marketing Tool for the Music Industry 

Artists have always been the first to push the boundaries of new mediums, taking the tools and boldly experimenting with them as means of communication, storytelling, art and culture. 

It brings culturally significant content into the world, acting as a powerful promotional tool in an extremely competitive digital era. 

Our content has demonstrated that WebAR branded content clocks in at over two minutes average engagement per session, versus 20 seconds for video ads. 

When there are 40,000 songs being released on Spotify each day, this is valuable engagement time within a full length album. 

Access on desktop, mobile, or tablet. 

Users are hyper engaged in interactive augmented reality media that they can make their own. They can bring it into the context of their lives and even take photos where they appear in the scene themselves.  

This promotes grassroots sharing, user generated content, and personalized experiences, not just for music artists, but for any exciting brand experience. 

Using WebAR, artists can create impactful visuals, while augmenting the potential for brand partnerships. Boundary breaking augmented reality collaborations are easier than ever. 

To get started with your own WebAR campaign, sign up for our WebAR builder, no coding required.


Album artwork by: @ducktapeponytail