Audiences are actively engaged in the creative and sharing process, a behavior that has accelerated under quarantine as WebAR offers a portal to fantastic worlds and one-of-a-kind experiences.

WebAR activation for the release of The Battle of Songbirds and Snakes, powered by Geenee

Nearly three months after stay-at-home orders were echoed by national leaders across the globe, many of our audiences have shifted their lives from vibrant activity to quiet at-home lifestyles. The pandemic has dramatically limited the way we interact with one another, the world we live in, and the space around us.

As city life has ground to a halt, and entertainment centers have closed, audiences are looking for new ways to engage with their favorite content, and providers are exploring solutions to reach fans at home. It’s only the beginning of an era-defining shift in how we make and share new experiences with fans in the most personalized setting yet, as the camera becomes a passport to a new three dimensional digital world.

WebAR is Social

Since the onset of COVID-19, audiences are seeking out peer-to-peer content more than ever before. There is more time to consume and create content, resulting in a spike in the use of social media and streaming platforms.

TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform in the world, has presented a new alternative for sharing content online via short videos, music, filters and additional features. It enables users to express themselves creatively and is indicative of the onset of a new creator-first channel that plays heavily into at home entertainment.

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The way the platform distinguishes itself from other social sharing tools is with its array of tools — primarily an ecosystem of third party apps — effects, filters, audio and video options. Our digital generation is a highly engaged and active audience who want to be a part of the creative process. In the past few months, these behaviors have seen a surge in demand as the appetite for at home entertainment is on the rise. TikTok added more than 12M US-based unique visitors in March, with its overall US visitor count rising 48.3% between January and March, according to Comscore.

A platform for creativity in its own right, WebAR can also serve as a connector to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any social sharing platform. It’s a seamless app-free experience designed for social sharing and audience collaboration. Just two weeks ago, Geenee’s WebAR technology powered The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes book cover, bringing it to life an experience that felt organic to the story. Fans of The Hunger Games series posted their screen recordings across social, delighted by the ability to share this feature with their friends and followers. The campaign leveraged an opportunity to breathe life into print and authentically stoke fandom at a time when users are hungrier than ever for new content.

Unlocking the Potential of WebAR in Your Industry

WebAR creates a space for audiences to be a part of the narrative, and to experience exclusive material that brings a new dimension of content into their homes. More than ever, brands have an opportunity to get creative and stand out to audiences who are craving entertainment.

Some of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic fall under live entertainment and retail. Stadiums are empty, festivals are cancelled or postponed, and malls have closed their doors. Audiences across the board are looking for new ways to connect.


Artists, musicians, sports teams and performers have been the heart and soul of some of the most exciting and social moments of our lives. After the first few weeks of lockdown, some incredible collaborations and experiences began to emerge, making full use of the Spatial Web. Travis Scott’s Astronomical tour in Fortnite brought in 40M+ eyes over the five part in-game mini concert series. Working with AR artist Kaws, The Scott’s album cover art was designed to bring the album and latest release to fans at home across the globe. WebAR can make these experiences app-free and seamless, reaching fans more directly than ever.

Retail & e-Commerce

While physical doors have closed, the digital domain has widely boomed for online e-Commerce. Especially when it comes to big-ticket items, shoppers are seeking out new ways to get a sense of the look and feel of an item prior to purchasing. From furniture to fashion, WebAR is a fun and helpful way for audiences to interact with products before they buy, by using their devices to bring items into the home to test color, size, fit and style, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

Instagram Checkout features AR Try On © Ray Ban
Packaged Goods

Everyday items such as Coca-Cola cans, Campbell’s Soup, Unilever bottles, and Kellogg’s cereal boxes could also be used as exciting new platforms for WebAR narratives. Packaging can act as a WebAR experience trigger for audiences of all ages. As kids, it was always fun to receive new toys, games and crafts in cereal boxes or in household essential items. WebAR can recreate a sense of discovery and excitement, acting as a mini activation in the home and raising brand awareness. It’s easy to deploy without manufacturing or adjusting additional physical goods, requires no app download, and can be accessed on mobile devices and tablets.

In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, Miller Lite partnered with Spark Foundry and Geenee to bring their festive bearded mascot to life. Check it out!

The Way We Build Experiences Will Change

This desire from our audience to be a part of the creative process is ushering in a new era of our digital heritage. Audiences are active rather than passive, experiences are interactive, shareable, and personalized. Overall, the expectations of consumers are growing as social platforms offer highly engaging and customizable content. It enables users to express their culture and unique personality.

Augmented Reality is the next evolution of social platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a way for fans to be content creators, to be a part of and share brand stories, and to cut through the clutter. With no need to download an additional app, content is easily accessible and highly shareable. It’s an opportunity to unlock the potential of AR for audiences at home where they are more engaged than ever before.

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