Create Global WebAR Campaigns in less than 3 minutes 

Geenee’s highly anticipated drag & drop WebAR builder is now live! Today, anyone can easily create and deploy a WebAR experience in minutes without any prior coding knowledge. 

The benefits?

  • WebAR is proven to triple audience conversion 
  • Drive record-high engagement 
  • Reach over 3.5 billion devices across platforms 
  • No app required to build & experience WebAR
  • Instantly bring ready-made 3D models and assets into AR, including glb, gifs, jpegs, mp3, mp4, pngs… and more!
  • Use integrated audio with Spotify or upload your own audio files
  • Mint any WebAR project as an NFT directly from the Geenee platform (*new feature coming soon!)
  • So much more! 

Additionally, Geenee AR offers built-in metrics and insights, a 3D asset library, content management and user-interface templates proven to reach, engage, and convert new audiences.

Ready to build & publish your own WebAR experience? Get started and explore the power of augmented reality at scale. 

Preview and Publish WebAR in Real Time

While testing and iterating your WebAR project, preview and publish in real time. Unlike other platforms, there’s no need to close the application file in order to preview, and then re-open it to edit. Publishing and preview is instantaneous. WebAR means that no app is required in order to add AR to your world. Generate a simple QR code or custom URL to share the experience with your audience. This can be posted across any social media platform, or digital campaign including emails, landing pages, and print.


Make AR Clickable with Actionable CTAs

The average time spent with branded content in Geenee WebAR is 2 minutes and 40 seconds!

Audiences become deeply engaged with interactive content, viewing 3D products from various angles, making the experience their own with filters and special effects, learning about the brand and product, sharing it with friends, and ultimately becoming invested in the process. 

The more time your audience spends in an experience, the more likely they are to click-through to add items to their shopping cart and checkout. 

With Geenee WebAR, it’s easy to add in a CTA that calls on your audience to shop, share, subscribe and learn more. 


Build Out Environments With Multiple 3D Assets per Scene

Inspire your audience by bringing dream destinations to them, or creating entirely new worlds that your audience can explore. 

Drag and drop multiple assets into any scene, then scale, size and place them accordingly, and test out a scene prior to campaign launch. 

For example, create an entire interactive storefront in WebAR. Whether a fashion brand like Gucci, a toy store like Hasbro, a jewelry shop like Cartier, or an outdoor center like REI, it’s possible to recreate everything in 3D. 

Check out this post to make your 3D assets WebAR ready in three easy steps!

Utilize the Sketchfab Integration

Does making your own 3D assets sound like a challenge? Geenee WebAR is for everyone. Through our integration with Sketchfab, access ready-made 3D assets directly from Geenee AR. No technical skills are required. 


Add Music from Spotify or Upload Custom Audio

Make your experience multi-sensory. Have a song in mind or some sound effects that would take your WebAR experience to the next level?

Spotify is integrated directly into Geenee’s WebAR builder, making it possible to instantly add the right song to any scene. Users can also upload the audio file of their choice to make their AR environment even more immersive.

Use Ready-Made Templates, Collaborate with Your Team

Creating AR campaigns is a team effort. Geenee lets you add colleagues to your project so that they can create alongside you, make edits to an experience, preview, and publish. Need more logins? Additional seats can be purchased based on your access plan. 


‘Your Brand’ Powered by Geenee AR

Bring your brand into new dimensions with WebAR, and make it your own. When you sign up for a plan, put your logo front and center throughout the project. Depending on your plan, add a branded splash page to the experience, with customizable elements including your logo, colors, and assets for an instantly recognizable campaign.  

Create a campaign experience that the world needs to see?  

Submit content for feature, or post on social #poweredbygeenee

Built-in Hosting

We optimize AR for the web at the best quality and speed. Whether you want to launch a local campaign for a community-based event or a global campaign with a worldwide audience, we have flexible hosting plans to suit your needs.  

SDK Access

Want access to even more interactive capabilities and customizable elements? Create a custom WebAR experience powered by our patented tech stack. 

With premium and enterprise plans, import code for complete flexibility to make Geenee AR your own. 

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Artist Credits: Ssorokan, Andrey Kuleshov, Miguelangelo Rosario, 101dsm, stuart_lynch, Joseph, acaudy, hanish Goar , BhagwanSingh, rfinterior, attben.