Catalyzed by Web 3, the way we spend our time online and represent ourselves via our avatar has changed. 

These changes are here to stay as platforms accelerate avatar customization, fueled by new market opportunities in augmented reality, virtual reality digital goods, NFTs, and virtual fashion. 

So why should you start customizing and defining your digital identity today?

Here are few good reasons: 

Image Source: Oculus (Youtube)

1. Avatars are the Most Important Metaverse Feature 

A 2021 NewZoo report ranks avatars the highest of all emerging metaverse features, because avatars are closely tied to identity, self-expression, and social interactions. Identity is how we perceive one another and connect through meaningful social interactions.

As the digital identity movement trends upwards, consider customizing your avatar today to secure your digital self. 

Image Source: Genies

2. For Brands, Influencers, and Celebrities: Secure Your Avatar IP 

Platforms are investing heavily in avatar creation, enabling public figures to bring their digital selves to life in style.

For example, influencers can connect avatars to their personal brand and define their virtual presence with their digital twin. Brands are doing the same by introducing virtual humans as the face of their brand in Web 3. Once you’ve customized your avatar, you can move it onto the blockchain to ensure the main representation of your digital identity is verifiable and secure. 

Image Source: ROBLOX


3. Embodying Your Avatar in Real Life Has Never Been Easier

Unique movements can easily be added to avatars via motion capture technology like XSens and Teslasuit (used to capture Lil Nas X in Roblox and Justin Beiber’s WAVE performances). As this technology becomes more accessible, people will bring their real life movements & gestures into the metaverse, so that their avatar can take on their mannerisms. Already with Geenee’s WebAR full body tracking and facial tracking, anyone can embody their digital self in real life with AR. 

Our drag and drop code-free platform makes it easy to customize your avatar and see your virtual representation into AR in just a few easy steps. From there, connect with friends, participate in brand activations, or take a photo with your favorite celebrity’s digital likeness. 

Have an idea your own NFT Avatar project? Get in touch today: [email protected]. Geenee lets you bring your avatar collection to life in augmented reality, so your audience can define their digital identity.