AI-Enabled Digital Advertising Partner to Offer In-Ad Virtual Try-On Technology

Geenee AR is pleased to announce a partnership with AUDIENCEX, an AI-enabled digital advertising partner built for delivering measurable performance, to empower advertisers to deliver campaign experiences for consumers using Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR)-enabled ads. 

The partnership delivers innovative end-to-end AR advertising solutions for brands and agencies to take advantage of immersive virtual try-on technology in their digital advertising campaigns, including specialized formats that embed the technology directly within ad placements for a seamless, engaging user experience.

AUDIENCEX provides seamless omnichannel media access backed by strategic expertise and AI-powered predictive analytics throughout the customer journey, enabling Geenee’s advanced WebAR technology to be deployed in intelligently targeted ads across platforms, channels, and devices. This will enable aX clients to develop and launch fully managed, continually optimized campaigns incorporating this technology throughout display, social, native, DOOH, CTV, and other digital channels as an accessible and immersive experience that can be used without any specialized software via any web-enabled device with a camera.

The advanced AR-enabled virtual try-on technology, shown to increase online conversion rates by up to 67%, is currently leveraged across verticals including beauty, apparel, accessories, and more. It offers customers an interactive way to engage with products before purchasing them. Through the use of this technology, brands are able to meaningfully connect with their customers through a more personalized experience.

AR Ads, WebAr AdsWith the reach and scale of AUDIENCEX’s digital advertising solutions, brands currently using Geenee’s virtual try-on technology will also be able to further leverage their existing WebAR experiences. Through this partnership, they can reach new, targeted audiences wherever they are and invite them to engage directly with their products, forming an immediate connection with new consumers.

“Geenee has built an impressive AR platform and we are delighted to partner with them to deliver a higher level of engagement and ROI to our clients and their customers,” said Jason Wulfsohn, Chief Executive Officer of AUDIENCEX. “Through this partnership, AUDIENCEX will provide brands and agencies with an immersive new ad format, backed by our strategic, data-informed approach and omnichannel media access. Advertisers will be able to reach their audience anywhere they are in the digital space and engage meaningfully with them in a more tangible, connected way.”


AR Ads, WebAr Ads

“Our mission at Geenee is to make WebAR Try-On & 3D Commerce for everyone and today we are enabling AR to reach more people through an official partnership with AUDIENCEX,” added Cory Grenier, Chief Executive Officer at Gene AR, “This partnership unlocks the massive opportunity of AR advertising by providing agencies and brands with everything they need to build and deliver WebAR ad campaigns with expansive reach at scale.”

Brands that have used Geenee WebAR as part of their marketing campaigns have reported significant engagement time, impressive conversion rates, and a demonstrable lift in purchase. 

AUDIENCEX and Geenee are actively seeking brand partners interested in taking advantage of this new, revolutionary advertising technology. Interested in adding AR-powered try on ads to your media campaign? Get in touch today!