The first-of-its-kind integration enables creators, agencies, and brands to easily import AI-powered character and games into a WebAR environment. 

Geenee AR, the leading WebAR publishing platform for brands & creators, is thrilled to announce an integration with Inworld AI, a developer platform for creating AI characters, that allows anyone to create and converse with an AI character in augmented reality.

This integration marks the first time that a generative AI character engine has been embedded in web-based augmented reality. As the Metaverse takes shape, AI-powered characters will be a key component of building out virtual worlds, thus providing users with nearly endless possibilities for interaction across digital spaces. 

Using Geenee’s WebAR Builder, creators and brands can hook-up Inworld to a compatible AR avatar. Once the AR scene is published, the user can share a link allowing anyone to have a voice-powered conversation with the character while in AR, no coding required.

AI Character within Geenee WEbAR Builder

Using Inworld Studio, creators can use natural language and simple controls to create their character’s personality and brain – no coding required. Motivations, knowledge, character traits, voices, and virtually every aspect of the character’s personality can be customized. Once the Inworld brain is created, users can download a Ready Player Me .glb file that comes rigged & readily compatible with the Geenee AR platform, allowing for a seamless integration into an interactive augmented reality ecosystem on the open web.  

Inworld uses over 20 machine learning models to mimic human expression, powering the character’s conversation, in addition to facial expressions, gestures, emotions, and actions.

Inworld AI Character creation

The integration allows creators and brands to easily bring their AI-powered avatars to life in AR for both marketing and larger storytelling initiatives. Potential use-cases include: 

  • Conversational games & marketing campaigns
  • AI brand ambassadors who can provide in-depth product info and tutorials
  • Educational applications such as the ability to interview historical figures 
  • Fictional characters or real-life influencers and celebrities promoting an upcoming film, album or AAA game

“We’re excited about this new opportunity for our AI characters to reach more people through engaging, interactive experiences in augmented reality. This is the future of brand activations, educational experiences, marketing, gaming, and more. We’re delighted that the process of creating an AI character in AR is now so easy with Geenee’s Inworld integration.” – said Florin Radu, Head of Partnerships, Inworld AI

“The integration of Inworld AI with Geenee Web AR unlocks a level of connection and personalization that wasn’t previously possible in augmented reality, enabling brands and creators to establish individual, human-like relationships with their audiences at scale. It’s an exciting development, and we’re thrilled to offer this feature to our partners and platform users. We can’t wait to see the innovative ways they’ll use this technology to create even more engaging experiences for their communities.” – said Elena de Sosa, VP Partner Development, Geenee AR.  

Geenee has worked with Inworld to create detailed documentation for users interested in placing their AI character into augmented reality, available HERE.