What is it about the internet and cat videos? Or capybaras, or the guy she told you not to worry about? 

Meme culture remains alive and well in 2023 and the internet can’t stop sharing. Users want to put their own spin on these viral images as a way to succinctly and memorably communicate a larger idea. Many times a good meme is the simplest way to get your point across. 

More than anything, meme culture is all about remixing. The same image can communicate a thousand different sentiments. It’s up to the user to put their own spin on it. Thanks to WebAR – augmented reality that can travel far and wide outside the confines of an app to reach new heights of virality – memes are entering a new dimension

Augmented Reality allows users to engage with memes on an entirely new, more immersive level. Not to mention, Geenee’s drag & drop WebAR Builder makes it easier than ever to create content in Augmented Reality. Not only can users make and see the meme, but they can immerse themselves in the meme. Or even become the meme.

In that spirit, here are a few of our favorite viral trends, and how they could translate into Augmented Reality for an added dimension of entertainment. 

1. Body Filters 

Thanks to Geenee AR Full Body Tracking, it’s now possible to augment the human body with animated and interactive 3D filters. Think the Snap rainbow puke filter, but not just for the face. Body Filters are primed to be the next social media sensation.

2. Capybara 

Sure they’re adorable, but who saw it coming. Capybaras began their TikTok takeover in 2021 and the internet has never been the same. Geenee and fashion brand SHEIN partnered to bring Capybara backup dancers to Ultra music fest in Miami last weekend. Now you too can dance like no one’s watching with your crew of Capybaras.

3. Red boots 

Like its predecessor the tungsten cube, red boots became a thing with the internet collectively gaping at the outrageous price point. As a result, many AR creators jumped on the opportunity to incorporate the boots into their AR content.

AR Filter made by bLRAJ.

4. Wednesday Addams Dance 

During its first week alone, Netflix’s hit show “Wednesday” was streamed for a grand total of 341.23 million hours. One particular scene featured series star Jenna Ortega in a majorly awkward dance solo at the school dance. Viewers flocked online in droves to give their own interpretation of the dance. We couldn’t resist recreating the scene with our augmented reality dance crew. Geenee AR body tracking makes any viral dance meme more fun and interactive 

5. Influencers: Dude with Sign 

Dude with Sign put himself on the map as a global phenomenon when he began appearing in cities around the world, from New York to Paris to Tokyo. His signs became popular on social media, tackling serious issues like climate change and inequality. Augmented Reality helps influencers like Dude with Sign take his activism to the next level.

6. Nepo Baby 

The term “nepo baby” began as a way to call out people who’d achieved success in their careers largely thanks to family connections or nepotism. Soon, many celebs who were accused of being nepo babies, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailey Bieber, tried to reclaim the term with tongue-in-cheek references during interviews, or even wearing t-shirts that said “nepo baby.” We took this meme into AR and put it on a t-shirt of our own.

7. Baby Yoda Meme

Long before we learned his name, Baby Yoda made his debut on The Mandalorian and fans couldn’t get enough. His adorable image has been shared millions of times across the internet. What would take it to the next level? Being able to interact with Baby Yoda in augmented reality! For May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You) we created our own Baby Yoda in AR that responds to voice commands. Interactive occasion-based content is a great way to celebrate your favorite holiday! 

Thanks to Geenee WebAR, memes can now be easily created and shared on all platforms, including social media, email, newsletters, and website integrations. Brands can even create their own AR meme generators, increasing the impact of their campaigns. The level of personalization in AR can result in content that captures more attention than traditional media.

Want to launch your own AR meme campaign? Get in touch!