The only WebAR Platform to offer full-body tracking for the web browser is more accessible than ever, and now free to use for hobbyists & independent developers

At Geenee, we’re on a mission to make AR more accessible and easier to create than ever before. In-line with that vision, our full-body & face tracking SDK is now available free of charge for developers & creators building non-commercial WebAR projects. 

We believe that AR is a medium for creativity, immersiveness and fun,” says Geenee AR SVP of Engineering, Evgeny Peshkov. “We want to provide accessible and efficient tools for everyone who wants to join us in this exciting journey.” 

About the Geenee AR Full-Body Tracking SDK 

Geenee remains the only WebAR technology to power full-body tracking directly from a web browser. Geenee AR body tracking is accessible on any connected device and there is no need to download an app in order to experience. Popular applications for body tracking include virtual try-on, gesture-controlled UI, and digital dance partners that mimic your body movements.

Our WebAR SDK is highly flexible and can be used with any rendering engine or UI framework. Additionally, it’s extensible and includes a number of useful plugins providing out-of-the-box solutions for many use cases. Simple but powerful, our SDK enables the creation of immersive WebAR experiences within minutes.

Self-Serve SDK Access for Everyone

For the first time, AR developers can gain access to our full-body & face tracking SDK directly from the WebAR Builder

Previously, the SDK was only available to agency & brand partners for commercial use, and had to be accessed manually. Now the SDK is available for everyone. Anyone interested in creating a project can sign up for a free Geenee AR account, generate a token, and instantly start creating. 

Access tokens are generated on a per-project basis and you can manage all of your projects in one place, directly from the Geenee WebAR Builder dashboard. Once you have your token, you can check out our documentation page here to get started. 

The video below shows how to access the SDK and start building: 

All New Pricing Plans

In addition to self-serve access to our SDK, we’ve also rolled out some pricing updates

The Geenee WebAR Builder is now completely free to use for individual creators and developers. Our “hobbyists” plan offers free access to non-commercial use of the WebAR Builder, covering up to 500 cumulative views/month across projects. 

Additionally, agencies can access the platform for only $99/month for non-commercial use. This allows them to create projects with ease for an upcoming client pitch in order to sell through a campaign at the commercial level. For more details you can visit our pricing page here. 

To create your next project using the Geenee AR full-body tracking SDK, sign up here and start building today!