It’s been six months since Geenee’s WebAR Full Body Tracking SDK went live. When we first released it, we imagined many potential use-cases, from AR 3D body filters to digital fashion wearables, to rigged avatars that could mimic the users’ movements. We were especially excited about the implications around digital identity, what with all the metaverse buzz.    

Fast forward, and as is often the case with new technologies, we’ve discovered many new applications along the way. It’s been really inspiring not only to see our technology progress but to hear from partners about the different experiences they have built or plan to build using our body tracking SDK. 

From gaming to education to fashion, the use-cases span many industries, are engaging and immersive, and in many cases, monetizable.

Below are a few of our favorite concepts and demos, including some potential ways you can make money by applying full-body tracking to your digital build.

Your World Becomes A Game 

With AR Full Body Tracking, you can control your avatar through your gestures, and make the world around you the landscape for your game. Say goodbye to controllers, keyboards & your mouse, UI will be replaced with no-touch gestures. Interact with digital 3D assets through your real-world movements, including selecting buttons or collecting coins. Allow users to purchase in-game accessories to customize the look of their avatar or unlock new levels. 

Virtual Try Before You Buy

AR body tracking offers a great opportunity for the user to try on digital replicas of clothes and accessories prior to purchasing. As the technology advances and fidelity of the digital apparel gets more realistic, there will be little difference between trying on the garment in a dressing room, or the much more convenient method of trying it on through augmented reality. This will increase consumer confidence and decrease returns, leading to higher revenue growth and less junk in the closet. A win for everyone!

Mass Social Media Engagement

These days nothing goes viral quicker than a good dance video. With our WebAR Full-Body Tracking SDK, you can program any avatar to follow your movements, add some music to the scene, and viola! You’re only minutes away from a digital dance crew. With body tracking, you can give your audience the tools to create within an AR scene and share their creation in AR. For instance, they can paint a rainbow across a scene or control the shape of a particle sphere using only their arm movements.

AR Personal Trainer 

With AR Body Tracking in the mix, health, fitness and meditation are primed to enter the metaverse. Users can pay for time with a digital coach for an onscreen workout. They’ll be able to follow animations, receive visual notes for improving their stance and track body movements to incentivize reps. Reward users for sticking to their wellness routines with persistent digital assets that live on the blockchain.

Education – A Web3D Tutor 

Studies show that learning in mixed reality is the best way to increase retention and learning outcomes. When AR body tracking is applied, learning can become even more immersive and visceral. Young students can participate in interactive lessons where they step into the shoes of an avatar for immersive, educational journeys. As technology advances, the potential is endless!


The pose detection component of our Body Tracking software can replace expensive motion capture systems used during film and video-game production. Not only body movements, but as technology advances, it will become possible to capture the small details of facial movements. From there, users will be able to truly embody and communicate as their avatars in augmented reality. Toss in fun details like voice mods and  responsive effects, and you’re looking at the future of XR communication.   

Have an idea in mind for a project based on the Geenee Full-Body Tracking SDK? Drop us a line and let’s talk!