Last week we described how to prepare your 3D avatar files to be compatible with the Geenee WebAR environment. 

Today’s video, featuring CloneX 16127 (held by JaySerpens.eth), offers some additional tips and tricks, specifically focusing on a weight transfer approach to adapt your 3D model. In character rigging, painting weights is what determines how much influence the movement of any given bone on the model will have on a set of vertices.

Check it out below, or you can find a step-by-step text outline of this the tutorial here.



00:00 Import your model into the Blender

00:02 Import A-Pose reference avatar provided by Geenee

00:08 Align reference Geenee avatar with your 3D model

00:12 Apply transforms (Object -> Apply -> All Transforms | “Cmd+A”) *Object Mode*

00:17 Select Armature. Go to *Pose Mode*. Align Reference avatar to your Model.

00:35 Go back to Object. Select reference Armature > “Body” Mesh.

00:39 Open “Modifiers” tab. Duplicate modifier (“Shift+D”).

00:45 Apply first Modifier. Do the same for “Head Mesh”

00:47 Select Armature. Go to *Pose Mode*. Pose -> Apply -> Apply Pose as Rest Pose. (“Cmd+A”)

00:57 Select your avatar body mesh. Add to reference armature. Object -> Parent -> With Automated Weight | “Cmd+P” (or just as object).

01:10 The same for “Head” Mesh.

01:15 Select Reference “Body” Mesh -> Cmd + Select Your Avatar Mesh -> *Weight Mode* (“Control+Tab”)

01:21 Weight -> Transfer Weight

01:24 Source Layers: By Name.  Vertex Mapping: Nearest Face Interpolated

01:34 You can remove Reference Body Mesh now.

01:36 The Same process for “Head”. 

01:53 Add all the rest of your meshes to the Armature. “Cmd+P”

02:03 Do a Skin Test for your avatar to see disadvantage of Automatic weight Method. *Pose Mode*

02:10 Repeat Weight Transfer for all your avatar meshes but now using your avatar’s “Body” and “Head” as references.

02:25 Skin Test again

Export to .glb model in Geenee Body Tracking Web App

Drag&Drop to the viewport.

Full SDK documentation can be found here.

Thanks for watching!!

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