From rainbow vomit to devil horns to sloppy dog tongues, we all love sharing a good face filter on our favorite social media platforms. Brands often utilize custom lenses to drive awareness for their latest marketing campaign or to show off a new product, and it’s always fun to try out the latest trending filters with your friends. 

Thanks to Geenee face tracking technology, AR face filters are no longer limited to the confines of an app. With Geenee WebAR, you can access augmented reality straight from the web browser, breaking down barriers to access and engage in a universally accessible augmented reality metaverse. Here are a few ways Geenee AR face tracking increases engagement, reach, and conversion, and why you should consider creating your first WebAR face filter with Geenee today:

Let your audience embody the IP

With Geenee AR face filters, you can turn your brands’ mascot or your favorite characters’ face into an AR face mask, and let the audience embody their favorite character. Due to several different tracking points on the users’ face, the face filter can be expressive, and when integrated with a conferencing platform, it is even possible to communicate in real time as the character.  

Web3 Utility: Convert your audience across platforms

True to the Web3 ethos of interoperability and decentralization, there is no app needed to download or experience AR on the web using Geenee. The link to your face filters can be shared across all the major social networks (link in bio, link in tweet, etc.) and can even be embedded in display and mobile ads. Once in the experience, the user can record a video on any browser, save it directly to their camera roll, and share it anywhere. Additionally, Geenee allows you to add a call to action to any AR filter, link out to an embedded page or purchase site to continue the customer journey across the web. And like any web-based experience, it’s easy to collect metrics on your audiences’ engagement and track measurable results.  

Speaking of Web3 utility, Geenee AR is compatible with Metamask and if the NFT project allows it, you may even be able to connect and pull your personal NFT directly into an AR scene.  

Ecommerce: Real-Time AR Try-On

When shopping online, AR try-on can be the difference between a purchasing decision and an abandoned cart. Your customer might be eyeing a pair of sunglasses or a new hat, but feel hesitant about whether it will fit their face properly. Face filters showcasing your products and accessories can help build consumer confidence and lead to more immediate purchase decisions, decreased spend on retargeting ads, and less returns. Because it’s web-based, Geenee AR face filters can be embedded in any retail site. And with Geenee, you’re not just limited to the face. Geenee AR is the only WebAR solution to offer full-body tracking, so you can try on outfits at home, too!

The results are measurable: brands like Rebecca Minkoff noticed consumers are 65% more likely to purchase when they’re able to try on an item in AR, while Shopify cites up to a 93% lift in conversions. The time is now to start incorporating AR try-on and increase your bottom line.  

Interested in learning more about how Geenee AR can improve engagement, reach and conversion for your business? 

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