Are you looking for an engaging and unique tactic to boost your brand’s online presence? Look no further than augmented reality body filters! Geenee AR’s full body tracking from the browser makes it easy to create fun and interactive filters that will captivate your audience. And because it’s WebAR, users can enter into an AR scene simply by clicking a link. 

Whether used for entertainment or utility (such as virtual try-on), body filters allow users to interact with your brand on a more memorable and highly personalized level, considering we are augmenting the human body. Here are three ways body filters can be implemented into your sales and marketing content to engage and convert your audience like never before:

1. Animated Textures:

Animated textures are a great way to add movement and visual effects to your body filters. This opens the door to wearable special effects, a feature only achievable in virtual spaces. Add moving textures to your garment designs and incorporate colorful shapes, textures, and patterns. The possibilities are endless, and you can use animated textures to create shareable, eye-catching filters for your brand’s latest product launch, event, or sale.

Try out our garment with animated textures HERE (from desktop or mobile). No app downloads required.

2. Branded Outfits and 3D Effects:

Branded outfits and 3D effects are another creative way to use body filters. With Geenee WebAR virtual try-on, you can create filters that add your brand’s logo to clothing items like hats, jackets, or t-shirts, or go for more elaborate effects that turn users into brand ambassadors by adding fun accessories or elements to their outfits. Branded filters are perfect for creating a buzz around your brand and can be used to promote your latest campaign or fuel a social media takeover.

3. Avatars That You Can Wear or Move With:

Geenee AR Body Tracking allows you to wear or move with your avatar in augmented reality. You can create avatars that respond to users’ movements in real-time, allowing them to dance with or become their avatar. Avatars can be anything from cute animals to stylized likenesses of yourself, and can be programmed to move, dance, or interact with users in unique ways.

Ready to incorporate body filters into your business? Geenee WebAR offers a wealth of creative possibilities, allowing brands to engage their audience in unique and memorable ways to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Get in touch to chat with our team about how Geenee WebAR can take your brand’s marketing to the next level.