If your childhood dreams included living inside a video game, then good news. As augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technology advances, we’re closer than ever to making those dreams a reality. 

Accessible through a web link or the scan of a QR code, WebAR gaming is the easiest way to enter an immersive gaming experience. Because it’s not confined to an app, you can access WebAR games through any device (think phone, tablet, laptop, and upcoming headsets). Aside from ease of access, other benefits include:

  • Social gameplay that takes advantage of your physical surroundings
  • Decentralized distribution, aka no need to split in-game revenue with the likes of Apple or Meta
  • When it comes to gesture-based games, you might even get your blood flowing with a physical workout   

Are you ready to have a great time in Geenee AR? Below are a few of our favorite Web-based gaming mechanics, along with some links to real-time gameplay. Get ready to enter the Geenee WebARcade:

Gesture-Powered Gaming: Warring Wizards & WebAR Fortnite

Thanks to the Geenee AR full-body and face tracking SDK, you can now use your body movements to prompt AR interactions. Not only does body tracking unlock major applications for gaming, including the ability to control game play with no extra hardware besides your laptop, but it’s extra-immersive and can be a great workout as well. 

Check out Warring Wizards, a magical, gesture-powered combat game, allowing two users to play against each other in separate locations. No hardware is required aside from the users’ laptop. Each player can send a blast toward their opponent using their arm movements, or dodge an incoming attack by moving their body out of the way. Play it HERE.

Another spin on a gesture-based game? WebAR Fortnite! Playable in AR or VR and in single or multiplayer mode. Simply move your arms to direct a fireball at your opponent. Play it HERE on desktop and HERE in VR.

Have an idea for a gesture-powered game using this template?

Physics-based Gaming: Dragonslayer & Combat Island 

One of the coolest parts of Spatial AR gaming? Incorporating 3D physics to make digital assets interact with one another as they would in the real world. 

In Dragonslayer, players position their catapult at exactly the right angle, and launch rocks to defeat the flying AR dragon. Play it HERE on mobile.

Combat Island is a two-player battle-royale game where each player competes to knock the other off an AR island by landing a series of punches. Play it HERE on mobile.

Have an idea for a physics-based AR game using these templates? 

Massive Multiplayer AR: NFT All Stars

Launched earlier this year, the interoperable augmented reality game features 3D avatars from top metaverse projects, including Nomad Blvd, Head5, The Sandbox, SupDucks, Nouns, Doodles, and CloneX, and is playable from the web browser on any connected device.

Players compete against each other in real-time, running and flying to collect the most AR stars to win the top spot on the global leaderboard. The game was created in the Geenee WebAR Builder, and can be used as a template for anyone who wants to add their own 3D avatars, using the same game mechanics or to develop a custom game. 

Play it HERE on desktop or mobile.

Have an idea for a massive multiplayer AR game? 

Each of the games showcased above can be created in the Geenee WebAR Builder with a custom code snippet, or via our AR Full Body Tracking SDK (now accessible through the Builder). 

The Geenee WebAR Builder offers a powerful suite of low-code creation tools and templates to quickly publish immersive augmented reality experiences. With each Builder update, we’re expanding our capabilities to easily create interactive single and multiplayer games. 

Sign up for the Geenee WebAR Builder below, to get started. We can’t wait to see what you create!