Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two emerging technologies that have advanced significantly in recent years. Both offer a glimpse into a sci-fi future, where the internet is visual and the robots have our jobs. Both are also on the verge of major breakthrough moments that could prompt mass adoption. 

AR paired with AI will power the Metaverse

In an article late last year amidst peak hype, VentureBeat predicted that AI and AR would be two of the core pillars that would converge to power the Metaverse. Digital creators have already begun to explore how to merge these two technologies, as well as others including VR, Blockchain and 5G, to create next level immersive and interactive experiences. And despite the recent cooling of interest in Metaverse-related topics, there is still a ton of enthusiasm around AI and AR. Publicly-traded businesses such as StitchFix are experimenting with integrating AI into their operations and Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that AR will “affect everything.”

In recent months, AI text-to-image creator tools such as Dall-e 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion have been released to the general public. Now you can instantly transform any written phrase into a stunning series of visual images. Simultaneously, WebAR providers like Geenee have made Augmented Reality more accessible than ever, via low-code publishing platforms for AR that can be experienced directly from the browser, no app downloads required.

Instantly generate visuals for your AR experiences

At Geenee one of our core missions is to serve as an AR Metaverse tool for Creators, allowing anyone to build, publish and share an AR experience with ease. As soon as we saw generative AI, we got excited about how it could assist in the AR creation process. 

At the end of last year, Geenee revolutionized virtual try-on by becoming the first AR engine to deliver full body tracking for the web browser. Ever since then, one use-case we’d been dreaming of was the ability to easily customize virtual clothing. When the Stable Diffusion API went primetime, we knew we had to experiment. 

Try it and wear it!

Open the link below and enter a phrase to generate an image that instantly applies to the blank sweatshirt. Click ‘next’ to move through the different options, or enter a new phrase to generate a new series of images. 

We’d love to see what you’re wearing in AR x AI. Using our demo link (found at the button below), record a video and post to social using #WearARAI. Tag us on Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll repost.