Every creative needs an online portfolio to showcase their work and first impressions are everything.   

2D artists have long been confined to 2D spaces, but suddenly, they can access the advantages of Augmented Reality and take audiences on an experiential discovery of their work. 

WebAR is web-based (app-free) augmented reality. With a single QR code or URL, take your audience on an interactive journey where they can engage with your portfolio as a multi-sensory experience, activating sight, sound, and spatial awareness. 

Whether your work is 2D, videos, gifs, films, animation, photography or other, creating a portfolio with WebAR can power an in depth showcase that calls for the full attention of viewers. 

Here’s three easy ways that your portfolio can be presented in WebAR to stand out from standard websites and 2D portfolios: 


1. Create a Portfolio Walkthrough

Suddenly the rules of 2D no longer apply. With WebAR, break the limitations of a flat screen, and think spatially. If you could take your artwork out of the screen and into the real world, how would you showcase it to your audience?

Drag & drop your assets into the Geenee WebAR builder and experiment with depth and scale – and even add some accompanying audio via the Spotify integration. 

Think about where your audience will be viewing your AR portfolio. Will they be at home, at an office or in a public space? Will they be seated or would you like them to walk through your new spatial portfolio, or even move around your artwork for a 360 view?

There are many ways to experience content in 3D space. It’s where your artwork enters the real world, overlaying physical space where people can enjoy it in the context of their world and imagination. 

2. Add Narrative Elements to Your Artwork 

There are some incredible 2D websites and portfolios that draw inspiration from film, classical art, and even traditional drawing and painting that, with special digital effects and code, take viewers on a point and click adventure. 

WebAR makes these storytelling elements accessible to everyone in 3D, with no code required and no pointing and clicking. As viewers begin to have 2D scrolling fatigue and zone out from admiring content portfolios hold, even the process of entering into a new experience can surprise and delight. 

With careful placement of your assets in 3D space and a combination of audiovisual elements, your audience will be invited to discover an interactive narrative. Add a voiceover or music. Access our Code Inject feature to make the audio interactive. Within each WebAR project,  your audience can view multiple pieces without ever leaving the experience. 

WebAR design adds another layer of expertise to your portfolio, demonstrating 3D thinking, creative approaches to digital storytelling and inspiring your audience to be excited about your unique talent. 

3. Convert Viewers with Powerful CTAs

Within each WebAR experience, add buttons with links that take viewers to your contact page, social media pages, sellable merch, or other resources where they can get in touch, engage your talent, or directly checkout. 

WebAR means you can monetize your work, convert viewers to engaged followers and fans on social media, and into clients through your contact form. 

When a viewer enters your experience, it becomes a distraction free zone. Audiences are looking away from their desktops, and using the full screen of their mobile device that has become a window into your creative world. 

WebAR puts innovation and creativity at the forefront of your portfolio. It becomes a journey not only of your work, but of creativity itself. 

When a decision maker is looking for just the right style, but also creatively thinking about new approaches and ideas, taking your work into a new dimension will demonstrate the impact of storytelling and design within the presentation of the portfolio itself. 

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Artist Credits: vincemckelvie