We all have seen the trending face filters allowing your face to transform into a giant eyed Disney face to the Kardashian’s iconic contoured face and bonus enlarged lip looks, but is that really how Augmented Reality will doctor beauty? Beyond the basic, potentially problematic filters, we see 8 ways the Beauty Industry can lean into augmented reality technology to evolve into a more kind, fantastic and free form world of creative expression. 

1 – First, let’s be Real. Beauty is meant to enhance someone’s features, not deform them. It’s not always the easiest thing to Iearn, but with the right techniques you can focus the eye toward your best facial features, bring out the right colors, and exceed at expressing a unified, sophisticated, entire fashion-forward look. We went from magazines detailing how, to Youtube videos showing us how, to now AR filters magically changing our look in an instance. The ease of learning makeup has spiked and now the Beauty world can focus their energy on the creative techniques, tips and tricks and the exploration of what Beauty means tomorrow. 

Image Source: missbeautyaddict.com

2 – Make it Easy. Tap a link or QR code at a store’s end cap, browse some new ways to apply the makeup, try on the AR look, get an AI-rec color based on your skin tone, outfit color and this season’s electric palette. Tap to buy the digital color pack or the physical product. 

Image Source: @dianaionescu, @asoulrebel

3 – Make it Iconic. Achievable yet new, make everyone a ‘new you’. Bring back a post era and modernize it with an updated color palette or cat eye trick. Use AR to teach the easy steps.

Image Source: Elle China, Douglas, @stopitrightnow

4 – Raise the bar from 2D to 3D and find creative freedom. Think outside the current tools, and dream up new makeup and beauty products. Invest in physical, by way of creating digital first. Sell new digital looks that are fun for video creators to wear while roller skating, dancing and skateboarding. Stickers, gems, glitter pens, face jewelry. The future of beauty will be AR inspired.

Image Source: Altered.Code, jpbodychains, @char_barker, mamoriginals

5 – Blur the lines of reality and fantasy. Flip upside down Tiggy’s eyelashes, show off your art, bring a unique take on color or derive a style from an iconic artist. AR can make your look be yours forever digitally, let others try and share it online and keep in their metaverse yearbook. As a creative medium, beauty is art for both the creator and wearer. 

Image Source: christianhogstedt.com, uniwigs.com, Kaneshia Shana, Clashist, @shein_official, @sephoracollection

6 – Skin the game. Bring new energy into the world of games, digital worlds and hang outs. Partner up in the game platforms such as Sandbox, Decentraland, Ready Player Me, Roblox, Rec Room, Fortnite, Zepeto. Collab with an Avatar influencer to create your digital look on them or create your own Avatar to rep your beauty brand.  

Image Source: Fortnite, Liliumlabs

7 – Open new worlds to explore, shop and learn. Incorporate influencers as holograms, let people interact with the digital world and products in their space. Move seamlessly from 3D worlds to AR spaces as 1 of 1 beauty-focused Avatars.

Image Source: Perfectcorp, Balenciaga, Lenslist

8 – Drive expression at every digital touch point. Incorporate a centralized loyalty program by providing a linked path to all your digital skins, reward usage, and earned NFTs.

Image Source: @celine_bernaerts, Shantanu Dhope, Dior Make Up

Join Beauty 3.0 today. Take advantage of our talented team or yours using our Face Tracking SDK. Stay tuned for more Beauty Augmented Reality.