Brands seeking an innovative way to engage their audience and stand out in a crowded market should look no further than web-based augmented reality (AR). AR Content, specifically WebAR, is the easiest way to immerse your audience in an interactive branded experience. Accessible from any connected device with a web browser, engaging with WebAR is as easy as clicking a link or scanning a QR code. 

Moreover, WebAR is statistically proven to benefit marketers and help brands meet their goals when it comes to engagement, growth, audience sentiment, and ultimately increased revenue. Top brands have testified that incorporating Augmented Reality into their business has resulted in as much as 95% increase in conversions and more than tripled the engagement rate with branded content. 

In this blog post, we’ll go channel by channel to explore the benefits of incorporating WebAR into your 360 marketing strategy, as well as provide actionable tips on how to leverage WebAR to boost your brand and drive conversions. 

WebAR for Community Building

For brands that have cultivated an engaged audience, whether that’s newsletter subscribers, social media followers, or loyalty rewards members, WebAR is a powerful tool to activate the community. From experiences that offer exclusive rewards for repeat engagement and referrals, to product previews and surprises, WebAR can delight your most loyal customers. 

For example, Geenee recently partnered with Ulta Beauty on a 12 days of WebAR Advent Calendar. Over the course of 12 days leading up to the holidays, Ulta’s top customers were invited to participate in a unique AR experience each day, including games, face filters and exclusive promotional rewards that could be redeemed when shopping online. The campaign helped keep Ulta top of mind among its most loyal customers, who were most likely to spend money on beauty products in the leadup to the holiday season. 

WebAR for Digital 

Thanks to the ease of entry into any WebAR, it is the perfect solution for a more engaging digital brand experience. It is easy to embed any WebAR scene into a digital display ad via iframe, and a great way to extend branded video content to make it more immersive and interactive. 

Websites looking to increase e-commerce activity can leverage WebAR to allow their customers to preview products in their space ahead of purchase. This not only increases the likelihood that the customer will opt to purchase, but also decreases returns.

With Geenee, product preview can not only be applied to products like furniture (brands can take advantage of our “True Size” feature in the WebAR Builder to give their customers an accurate sense of how a large-scale item might look in their space) but also to accessories like sunglasses, hats, and makeup, and uniquely, to fashion. Geenee AR is
the only Web AR platform to offer full-body tracking for the browser, meaning brands can leverage virtual try-on to allow customers to try on any garment prior to purchase. 

WebAR for OOH 

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is ripe for disruption, thanks to Geenee WebAR technology. Turn any static billboard into an engaging brand moment, or launch your audience straight into a WebAR experience from a digital out of home placement (DOOH). 

Byju’s Osmo engaged Geenee to augment their billboards and bus-shelter ads with a national OOH campaign to encourage awareness and purchase of their LearnStation product. We used AR to transform their OOH into an interactive Tangram game to show customers in a hands-on way, just how fun learning can be. 

WebAR for Broadcast 

WebAR is a great way for marketers to extend their broadcast advertising spend into a responsive, interactive campaign. 

Invite your audience to scan a QR directly from the commercial or show to further engage with the content in a more meaningful and intimate way. 

This can be an effective way to extend tentpole media moments, like The Super Bowl, The Grammys, or the Oscars. Imagine being able to join in the game in AR, or engage 1:1 with your favorite musical artists or actors. 

Most importantly, make sure to let audiences know that something exciting awaits them on the other side of the scan, and deliver on that promise. For example, Coinbase’s iconic Super Bowl ad with the floating QR code. Many people scanned, but all that awaited them on the other side was a customer sign-up page. Imagine the impact of delivering your audience into an engaging game or interactive world instead. 

WebAR for Events & Experiential

Geenee WebAR is a great way to grab attention and engage participants at live events. It can also be an engaging, magical extension to experiential builds. 

Last year, Geenee partnered with Elite World Group and Female Quotient to activate live at the Equality Lounge at Cannes Lions. Participants were invited to generate an avatar and bring it into augmented reality, as part of their onboarding to the metaverse. The experience proved to be so popular among attendees that Female Quotient opted to take it on the road to other big events, including CES.  

WebAR for Print

WebAR is a great way to turn any static print ad into an engaging, interactive marketing touch point. AR can be used to create interactive print advertisements, which can help to increase brand awareness and engagement. This allows customers to interact with products in their own space to increase customer understanding and satisfaction, as well as to leave a lasting impression. 

WebAR can be a great addition to direct response mailers, on-premise fliers, or retail marketing placements such as end-caps. It is the quickest way to extend your brand’s story from print to digital, immersing your audience more deeply in your product or campaign.

From interactive product demos to immersive brand experiences, when applied across channels, WebAR can take your marketing efforts to the next level. When it comes to WebAR, Geenee is the most effective solution for creating scalable and engaging augmented reality campaigns. Have an idea for a WebAR campaign or want to speak to one of our team members about how you can make an impact with WebAR this year? 

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