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How can you cost effectively create a 360 media campaign that leverages existing print, video and digital media across all social media platforms and websites to connect with global audiences in any space or time?

WebAR makes this all possible. The spatial web enables new immersive dimensions of marketing potential by digitally connecting people, spaces, products and multimedia assets through interactive experiences. Achieving product awareness, education, and buzzy PR are hallmarks of the Web 2.0 world. Now, commercial success in the Web 3.0 digital age is measured by efficient sales conversions driven through multifaceted brand experiences.

1. Create a Memorable Experience

WebAR is optimized for social engagement and organic sharing. Given the open nature of the web, a “take photo or video” button allows your audience to capture their moment and post fun and entertaining branded experiences.

Being in-the-know is a powerful motivator. Exclusive Web AR content elevates interest and encourages active audience engagement. Storytelling that includes original content tied to popular characters and branded intellectual property (IP) resonates with fans and performs especially well online.

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For example, Warner Bros. applied WebAR for the release of the film It Chapter Two, allowing fans to explore unique content, view trailers, and easily buy tickets. Activating the front facing camera at the startling moment when the horrifying “It” clown virtually appeared behind you, captured a surprise selfie that 91% of users saved to their camera roll!

By focusing on photo opportunities and social sharing, our WebAR activation successfully raised awareness for the film release and inspired grassroots sharing, user generated content, and ticket sales.

2. Make Discovery Interactive

This year, we partnered with digital marketing agency Pretty Big Monster and Walt Disney Studios to launch a 360 degree interactive Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker WebAR experience, which was powered by Geenee’s advanced image recognition (IR) software. By scanning any print or digital image of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker poster or online thumbnail, users were launched into space where they could interact with virtual targets to lock-in on trailers, memorabilia purchases, galleries, character files, fun activities, and learn film facts.

This WebAR experience educated audiences about the upcoming film release in a fun and entertaining way, in contrast to the more passive media promotions online and out of home. The activation empowered people to interact with content that matched their unique interests, and develop a personal connection to the brand.

3. Drive Sales

As demonstrated by our work with Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios, WebAR makes it possible to tailor experiences around client’s KPIs by allowing users to buy tickets and products. WebAR activations provide opportunities to subscribe, find directions to nearby retail locations, purchase music, and deep-link to e-commerce with call to actions (CTA’s) integrated within multi-sensory experiences. The result is higher ROI on your product marketing campaigns.

Image Source: ARInsider Google Swirl for 3D Search and Shopping

4. Reduce Costs

A common obstacle to deploying AR marketing is budget and time to develop. WebAR solves both, by delivering a lightweight, easy to create, publish and share experiences across all media platforms. Users activate AR experiences by simply clicking a URL link, significantly reducing the friction and abandonment of downloading an app. Without requiring costly app development, marketers can now quickly build and deploy WebAR experiences to fuel organic user generated content, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Companies like Apple, Shopify, and Google are investing heavily in AR, making it even easier to implement consumer and eCommerce experiences. Recently, Google announced the roll-out of Swirl, which makes it possible to display AR and 360 advertisements in search, another way to stand out from the masses.

As a result of the established AR ecosystem, WebAR is easy to implement as a low cost and high impact solution.

5. Create PR Opportunities

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In our next article, we will be looking at AR for good, and how WebAR can be used as a platform for raising awareness through experiential content with context.

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