Geenee is the first to use Flowcode’s best-in-class QR API platform for instant AR & NFT experiences, including global art sensation Brendan Murphy’s Boonji Project

Flowcode, the offline to online company building direct connections for brands and consumers through next generation QR technology, announces an integration with augmented reality (AR) technology firm Geenee to connect Web3 experiences from the offline world. The unique partnership embeds Flowcode’s industry leading QR solutions into Geenee’s no-code platform, allowing creators of all technical abilities to build, publish and distribute webAR experiences and enhance the post scan experience.

Flowcode QR inside the Geenee AR Builder

Flowcode QR inside the Geenee AR Builder

The global AR market is estimated to reach $340.16B by 2028 and NFTs ballooned to a $41 billion market just last year. “Being at the forefront of connecting and distributing Web3 experiences at scale with a partner like Geenee aligns with our mission to connect the real world to the digital world instantly and magically. We’re excited to work with such an innovative company in this high growth sector,” said Jim Norton, Chief Revenue Officer at Flowcode.

As the digital doorway and access point for metaverse experiences, powering millions of direct connections, Flowcode features best-in-class code design, data analytics and privacy compliance. Geenee Flowcodes created in the Web3 builder allow creators to share their Metaverse-ready Web3D from the offline world.

Flowcode QR inside the Geenee AR Builder

Customize your Flowcode to fit your AR experience

Geenee’s CEO, Cory Grenier, states, “We believe every NFT should be connected to a Flowcode – the most scalable entry point for augmented reality based metaverse experiences launched in real life environments. From IRL to URL, this unprecedented partnership levels the playing field for businesses seeking to instantly and securely serve consumers with interactive branded Web3 commerce experiences.  Flowcode’s artist-designed QR codes, with Geenee’s cutting edge on-chain WebAR content, allows anyone to easily access branded NFTs, digital games, interactive coupons and immersive 3D content.  This partnership will redefine how businesses connect first party data and analytics across the 3D spatial web.”

In addition to the embedded QR solution, Flowcode powers unique code experiences for NFTs generated through Geenee including Brendan Murphy’s Boonji Project, a collection of 11,111 unique digital NFTs launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Boonji Spaceman Avatar is unique and programmatically generated from a multitude of possible traits, including the Boonji Spaceman Bust, unique formulas, backgrounds, visors and more. Each Boonji Spaceman features a custom Boonji Flowcode, giving NFT holders direct access across omnichannel experiences.

“For a collaboration as innovative as the Boonji Project x Geenee wearable Augmented Reality NFTs, we wanted to make the QR code out of this world!  That’s why we partnered with Flowcode. Flowcode QRs designed to mimic the Spaceman’s shape and unique skin of the Boonji Project artwork. Upon mint of the Augmented Reality token, each Boonji Project NFT will be accompanied by a Flowcode that launches the user into the immersive virtual world of Boonji Project’s Galaxy Joa, and lets them wear their Boonji Project spacesuit in augmented reality in real-time!” Says Nicole McGraw, CEO of The Jupiter Group, Boonji’s parent company.

The Flowcode and Geenee partnership is at the forefront of accelerating the distribution of Web3 experiences as these markets exponentially grow in size. To learn more about the partnership and how it works visit

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