Our WebAR Builder has a new set of features that make it easier than ever to create engaging, interactive augmented reality. From Product Viewer AR, to a 3D text editor, to customizable Flowcode QRs for every experience, we’ve got a load of new features ready and released for prime time. 


An updated walkthrough video of the platform can be viewed here, and a below is a complete list of updates with all the details:

Product Viewer AR

Product Viewer AR is now available in the Geenee WebAR Builder. By integrating Quick Look and WebXR technology, we’ve made it easier than ever to showcase true-to-life products like furniture and large appliances in augmented reality. Set the dimensions of your 3D model, drop it in the builder, and viola! View it in your space at scale.

Every AR Experience Comes With a Flowcode

As the digital doorway and access point for metaverse experiences, Flowcode QR features best-in-class code design, data analytics and privacy compliance. Every experience created in the Geenee Builder now comes with a customizable Flowcode, allowing creators to share their Metaverse-ready Web3D from the offline world. More on the integration here.

Introducing 3D Text

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then 3D text is the ultimate champion. Good thing we added a 3D text editor to the builder. Now you can type in any word or phrase, choose your color, scale it up or down, and view it in AR. You’ll never have to buy your mom a birthday card again.

Add Your Ready Player Me Avatars to Any Scene

Access all of your Ready Player Me avatars directly from the drag & drop Geenee WebAR Builder. This allows you to place your avatars into any browser-based AR scene within minutes. From there, share it out to your audience, no code required.

New Method to Add and Edit Scenes
Now you can manage all assets and navigate between scenes within the 3D editor view. 

Overlay Enhancements: Remove Button, Change Background Color, Add Timer

Redirect drawers are more customizable than ever. Change the color, add or remove the button, time the pop-up and more.

These new features make the AR experiences you’ll build with Geenee even more creative, customizable, and engaging for the end-user. We’d love to see what you create! Send our way, [email protected], or share on social and tag us @geenee.ar! 


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