GEENEE is excited to announce the release of its new Shopify app, a Live Virtual Try-on (LVTO) solution for online eyewear shopping. The app brings GEENEE’s proprietary LVTO technology directly to your Shopify storefront, enhancing the customer shopping experience with the help of the latest WebAR and AI technology. 

Available for DOWNLOAD TODAY, here’s how GEENEE’s Shopify app can benefit both shop owners and their customers:

Easy to Use & Install

Setting up the Virtual Try-On for eyewear application is an intuitive process that requires no technical expertise. Download and install the GEENEE application from the Shopify app store, upload or generate your 3D assets (more on that next), hit publish, and the virtual try-on feature will appear in your shop, straight from the product listing. 

Merchants can customize and reposition the customer-facing Virtual Try-on button according to the store’s theme and colors.

The process is no-code and user-friendly. Our Shopify FAQ page has all the tips & tricks to get started quickly. You can check it out HERE

Instant AI Generation of 3D Assets

With the GEENEE Shopify app, transforming 2D images of eyewear into realistic 3D models is simple and instant, thanks to generative AI that is baked into the application. Once the 3D model of the glasses is created, shop owners can access a suite of easy-to-use editing tools to adjust the size, color, positioning, and environment map for each model. They can also download the newly-created 3D model and open it in their preferred 3D modeling software, such as Blender, for more precise editing capabilities.  

As another option, store owners can upload their own pre-existing 3D models. This offers greater flexibility for showcasing the products. Best practices for preparing your 3D model for Live Virtual Try-on can be found HERE.

Hyper-Realistic Virtual Try-On for Eyewear, Straight from the Product Listing

GEENEE Virtual Try-on integrates seamlessly with Shopify product listings on both desktop and mobile, allowing customers to experience a live, accurate, and realistic try-on experience directly from the product page. 

GEENEE LVTO for Shopify helps shoppers quickly gauge how eyewear looks on them. Once the user taps “Try-on,” they will see themselves live on camera, glasses tracking to their face as they move, for an accurate sense of how the product looks from various angles. 

From proportions to lighting to materials, GEENEE’s advanced Virtual Try-on software is robust enough to support high-quality 3D product try-on from the web browser. 

When comparing side-by-side images of a shopper trying on a digital replica of 3D glasses with GEENEE vs actually trying on the glasses, it is increasingly difficult to tell the difference! And as the technology continues to advance we suspect it will become nearly impossible to tell.


Increased Customer Confidence, Accelerated Purchase Decisions, and Fewer Returns

By enabling customers to see how eyewear fits and looks on their face, GEENEE AR Virtual Eyewear Try-on boosts shopper confidence, encourages quicker buying decisions, and is expected to greatly reduce the number of returns due to bad fit or style dissatisfaction. eCommerce merchants who have implemented Virtual Try-on report an increase in conversions by as much as 94%.

“In the realm of Virtual Try-on, streamlined 3D asset production stands as a significant hurdle. We believe that 2D-to-3D AI algorithms are key to addressing this challenge. New technologies emerge that cause a paradigm shift in user experience, necessitating a thoughtful re-evaluation of future user interaction with AI-enhanced systems. We’re crafting a user experience that seamlessly integrates these advancements, ensuring an intuitive and engaging journey for our users,” says GEENEE AR Head of Innovation and Creative Technology, Dima Kyrylov.

Pricing and Availability

For a limited time, Shopify merchants can access a 15-day free trial of the GEENEE app. Once the trial ends, the cost is an affordable $99/month to power unlimited virtual try-on for eyewear in your shop. The package includes 30 complimentary GenAI models, with each additional automated 3D model priced at $2.50.

While the app currently powers eyewear, GEENEE has plans to expand its Virtual Try-On technology to include other categories. This includes hats, jewelry, apparel, watches, and furniture. (Try-on for these categories of product is currently available today, but requires implementation outside the app. CONTACT US to learn more). 

The GEENEE AR Shopify app powering Live Virtual Try-on for Eyewear is live and available to install today! 

For more information & to install the app, visit the Shopify app store.