In the evolving landscape of retail, where 59% of consumers now prefer to shop online, the allure of convenience comes with its own set of challenges. Among them, a significant issue is product returns, with 55% attributed to incorrect size, bad fit, or unsuitable color. This not only affects the bottom line of businesses but also poses considerable logistical and environmental issues. Enter the solution that’s changing the game: Geenee AR Live Virtual Try-on.

Geenee AR Live Virtual Try-On (LVTO) is a real-time solution that lets customers try on high-fidelity digital twins of your products in live augmented reality. Because it is web-based, Geenee content can easily be integrated across any branded platform, including your eCommerce Site, Shoppable Display Ads, Connected TVRetail and OOH Screens, Social Platforms and more. Simply build your 3D content once, then scale everywhere your customers encounter your brand.

Here’s why your brand cannot afford to overlook this innovation in 2024.

Decreased Return Rates, Increased Confidence

One of the most compelling advantages of live virtual try-on is its proven ability to reduce return rates by up to 40%. This is a significant figure, considering the high percentage of returns due to size and fit issues. By allowing customers to virtually try on clothes, accessories, or even makeup from the comfort of their homes, brands are aligning customer expectations with reality, thus reducing the likelihood of disappointment.

Moreover, this technology boosts consumer confidence in their purchases. The ability to visualize how a product looks and fits before making a purchase decision adds a layer of assurance that static images or videos cannot provide. This confidence is not only reflected in reduced return rates but also in increased sales metrics.

Boosting Purchase Intent

The confidence that comes with using virtual try-on technology is unparalleled. Customers feel more assured about their purchases, reflected in the stark increase in ‘Add-to-Cart’ rates, which hover between 7-10% for initial engagements. This rate increases as consumers become more accustomed to the technology, demonstrating a higher purchase intent.

The Engagement Doesn’t Stop There

Users spend an average of 10 to 44 seconds interacting with virtual try-on content. This duration reflects not only the immersive quality of the shopping experience but also customer satisfaction and engagement levels, which are crucial metrics for any brand in the digital age.

Enhancing Sustainability and Streamlining Design

Perhaps one of the most impactful benefits of virtual try-on technology is its potential to revolutionize sustainability in the fashion industry. By enabling designers to prototype and test garments virtually, brands can drastically reduce the waste associated with physical sampling and overproduction. This not only makes the design phase more efficient but also allows for precise demand forecasting.

Virtual try-ons can guide production volumes by selling garments in advance of mass production, ensuring that manufacturing aligns closely with actual demand. Moreover, reducing returns through accurate virtual fittings minimizes waste and environmental impact, leading to more sustainable practices. This helps brands meet their environmental goals by minimizing excess inventory and decreasing the lifecycle environmental impact of garments.

Bringing the Fitting Room to Social Media

With the rise of social media, virtual try-on is shareable by nature, seamlessly integrating into users’ social feeds. They can share their virtual fitting room experiences with their network to get their friends’ opinions on whether they should complete the purchase. This not only enhances the shopping experience by incorporating a social element but also acts as organic marketing for brands. When users share their virtual try-on experiences, they are effectively endorsing the product and the brand to their followers, amplifying brand visibility and reach.

Powering the Future of Shopping

As we advance into 2024, integrating virtual try-on technology into your brand’s online shopping experience is not just an option—it’s a necessity. This technology not only addresses the common pitfalls of online shopping, such as high return rates and customer hesitation but also opens up new avenues for immersive and sustainable shopping experiences. 

For brands looking to stay ahead of the curve, investing in virtual try-on technology is investing in a future where online shopping is seamless, engaging, and environmentally conscious.

Want to add virtual try-on to your line of products? Get in touch today to learn more about Geenee AR Try-on omnichannel solutions.