Add Direct Response AR to Your Connected TV Media: Try-On and Buy Straight from the Commercial

Recently, Geenee partnered with Flowcode to connect offline media with interactive WebAR, including virtual try-on and other AR commerce experiences. The applications of this partnership are limitless, but one of the most compelling use-cases is Connected TV advertising. 

For those not in the know, Flowcode provides industry-leading, privacy-compliant QR technology. They’re trusted by over 70% of Fortune 1000 Brands and Their Global Advertising Agencies. Their highly customizable QRs enable powerful, direct to consumer marketing initiatives proven to drive engagement and conversion.

The unique partnership links Flowcode’s secure, direct-response QR solutions with Geenee’s immersive augmented reality builds, bringing customers the ultimate post-scan experience. If AR is an awesome theme park, you can think of Flowcode as the VIP admission ticket. Each Flowcode link or code is an entry point into an innovative, immersive branded world that is sure to excite your customers.  

Here we’ll focus specifically on how you can leverage the Geenee x Flowcode offering in your Connected Television (CTV) media. With smart TVs installed in over 46 million homes across the US and the average adult spending nearly two hours a day using CTV devices, CTV advertising is already one of the most impactful ways for brands to reach their customers. By integrating Geenee x Flowcode’s advertising solution, you can upgrade the effectiveness of your campaign even more. Here are a few applications and benefits:  

Delivering the Last Mile of TV Advertising (Direct Response, Precision Analytics & Conversion)

Tracking the effectiveness of traditional TV ads can be challenging. By incorporating Flowcode’s QRs and Geenee’s interactive AR into CTV ads, brands gain access to valuable conversion data. This provides insights into audience interactions with their TV content. This data-driven approach eliminates ambiguity and empowers advertisers with real insights to measure campaign success and attribute conversions more accurately. 

Metrics such as interaction time, click-through rates, and user behavior can be captured, analyzed, and used to refine future advertising campaigns. This data-driven approach allows advertisers to optimize their messaging, tailor offers, and improve the overall user experience. The ability to track and measure CTV and AR campaigns accurately provides valuable insights for a higher return on investment (ROI) going forward.

Virtual Try-On & View Products In Your Space

AR offers an exciting opportunity for brands to enhance product visualization and drive consumer confidence. With Geenee x Flowcode, brands can implement virtual try-on experiences, allowing customers to virtually “try on” products in real-world settings, and even link directly to purchase. This interactive and personalized approach boosts engagement and fosters informed purchasing decisions, particularly in industries like fashion, beauty, and home goods.

Contextually Relevant Targeting

Flowcode’s customizable QR codes enable contextually relevant targeting, leveraging CTV’s data-driven capabilities. By tailoring Geenee AR experiences based on user insights and preferences, as well as the content being shown on screen, brands can create more personalized and engaging interactions. This level of personalization enhances user satisfaction and strengthens brand loyalty, leading to increased customer retention and advocacy.

Best Practices for CTV AR Ads

When it comes to adding Geenee AR x Flowcode to your CTV ads, here are some best practices:

Together, Geenee and Flowcode are ushering in a new era of connected TV advertising. We’re transforming traditional ad formats into immersive and interactive experiences. By integrating Flowcode’s QR technology with Geenee’s AR builds, brands can elevate their CTV campaigns, drive engagement, and deliver more personalized and contextually relevant experiences to their audiences. With the ability to measure and track user interactions, advertisers can optimize their messaging and achieve higher ROI. 

Interested in testing out Geenee x Flowcode in an upcoming campaign? Contact us to learn more!