Introducing a full-suite of immersive digital shopping solutions for e-commerce brands, including embedded ads, online storefronts, and onsite mirrors

Geenee AR is thrilled to announce the launch of its advanced, immersive virtual try-on (VTO) solutions for brands and retailers. This out-of-the-box toolkit empowers e-commerce brands to create captivating VTO for customers across all owned and operated touch points. This includes ads, online stores, and onsite mirrors.

A demo of Geenee AR virtual try-on capabilities is available on mobile or desktop, HERE.

Key features of Geenee AR’s advanced virtual try-on

In today’s competitive market, brands and retailers are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage customers and provide personalized, shoppable interactions. Accordingly, Geenee answers this demand with cutting-edge virtual try-on that seamlessly integrates with existing sales channels. Moreover, it’s statistically proven to increase buyer confidence, reduce returns, and accelerate the path to purchase. Geenee full-service VTO solutions include:

  • Ecommerce Point of Sale: Geenee’s web-based AR body and face tracking enables brands to seamlessly integrate AR try-on directly into their e-commerce website at the point of purchase.
  • Embedded Ads: Thanks to Geenee’s recently announced partnership with AudienceX, brands can now incorporate virtual try-on directly into their advertising campaigns across the open web and social platforms.
  • Onsite Mirrors: Geenee’s onsite mirrors provide an interactive virtual try-on experience at live events and physical stores.

“The most performant VTO Solution on the market”

With a core emphasis on perfecting tracking and frames-per-second precision, textures, lighting and fit, as well as advancements in physics for accessories and gesture-based interactivity, Geenee’s real-time virtual try-on solution is the most accurate and realistic VTO, and the only VTO WebAR for clothing on the market.

“Virtual try-on brings e-commerce to the next level,” says Evgeny Peshkov, CTO at Geenee AR. “Being able to see how something actually fits rather than guessing based on 2D photos simplifies the customer’s decision. State-of-the-art approaches developed by the Geenee team have enabled the most accurate and performant VTO solution on the market. The number of advanced techniques built and fine-tuned specifically for VTO allow for a high level of realism and fidelity. Geenee has developed web-first VTO that is ready out-of-the-box and seamlessly integrates with any e-commerce platform.”

Sample metrics across key categories

Brands that have used Geenee as part of their marketing campaigns reported a demonstrable lift in engagement and purchases.

“Augmented Reality helps consumers make informed & confident purchasing decisions faster than ever before,” Says Heather Lipner, Head of Product Design & Creative at Geenee AR. “AR visualizes physical products in your space and now on your body. Will it fit? Will it look good? To see how something looks on your own face or body will trigger the confidence to purchase. It’s the key driver for e-commerce success.”

Implement Geenee AR VTO for your e-commerce brand today

In addition to full-body VTO, which supports garment try-on for jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, and more, Geenee offers try-on for beauty products, handbags, glasses, jewelry, hats, and other head-worn accessories. Additionally Geenee supports size-inclusivity and can serve a wide variety of customer body types.

Aside from VTO for fashion, Geenee also offers true size AR for large-scale home goods like furniture and appliances.

Want to activate your audience like never before with cutting-edge VTO? Partners interested in taking advantage of this new suite of AR commerce tools are encouraged to contact Geenee AR directly to learn more: [email protected]