WebAR Virtual Try-on is revolutionizing the way we shop online, allowing customers to try on products virtually before making a purchase. Proven to increase sales and consumer confidence while reducing return rates, WebAR virtual try-on is the best way to help people visualize your product before they buy. 

In light of the stellar results we’ve observed through select client implementation, Geenee AR recently announced the release of a full-service, omnichannel Virtual Try-On toolkit for brands and retailers. Key features include virtual try-on at the point of purchase, AR try-on ads, and onsite mirrors at events and retail locations.

In addition to this enterprise toolkit, Creators, Agencies and Brands can access self-serve full-body and face tracking AR via the Geenee AR Builder. A free-to-use drag & drop WebAR publishing platform. 

For those interested in creating an AR try-on experience themselves, we’ve compiled a few key video tutorials that include step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your 3D assets for AR Try-on. For full documentation on how to implement Geenee technology, you can visit the Geenee Support Center. See below as well, for a select round up:

How to Create Wearable Garments (WebAR Virtual Try-On for clothing)

Follow these quick tips on how to create wearable experiences or Find out more in documentation here.

How to Create a Face Tracking Project (for WebAR Virtual Try-On for accessories)

Our Face Tracking AR Build allows you to add multiple 3D assets to the head. Attach a hat, sunglasses, masks and more. Find out more in documentation here.

Learn how to attach 3D assets to the head and publish:

Prepare digital garments for WebAR virtual try-on using Marvelous > Blender > Geenee

Watch the below video to learn how to take a Marvelous Designer garment and wear it. You can also check out our documentation on How to Prepare Your Garments & Avatars for WebAR Body Tracking.:

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Want to activate your audience like never before with cutting-edge VTO? Partners interested in taking advantage of this new suite of AR commerce tools can contact Geenee directly to learn more.