With this newest update to the Geenee AR development kit, Retail brands can now showcase Virtual Try-on for bracelets and watches.

Great news for retail & fashion brands! Geenee AR is excited to announce that Wrist Tracking, the latest addition to our virtual try-on toolkit, is now live. With this new feature, brands and agencies now have the tools they need to take the guesswork out of online shopping for two new product categories: bracelets and watches.

watch and bracelet virtual try-on powered by Geenee AR wrist tracking

Jewelry brand John Hardy is the first to use Geenee AR wrist tracking in market. Their holiday campaign invites shoppers to try on earrings and bracelets virtually within ad units from our partners at AUDIENCEX.

Using Geenee’s webAR technology, customers can enjoy seamless try-on straight from their browsers – no extra app downloads needed. Because it’s web-based, developers can also implement real-time APIs to create more dynamic experiences, like AR watches showing the users’ local time, or customizable AI-generated textures for watch bands.

Geenee AR virtual try-on leads the market in precision and realism, offering a virtual try-on experience in WebAR that’s as close to real as it gets. Geenee offers a more lifelike experience than any other try-on solution available, setting new standards for fidelity and occlusion. 

Brands can embed AR try-on directly into their shopping sites, providing customers with an interactive experience as they browse products. Additionally, AR try-on can integrate into various digital advertising formats. This includes banners, social, and connected TV ads, creating a hands-on and engaging way to capture consumer interest. 

The multifaceted applications for AR Try-On enrich the customer experience and offer brands new avenues to showcase their products. Now brands can deliver immersive shopping to their audience across multiple touchpoints.

Want to learn more about what Geenee AR virtual try-on can do for your brand? Get in touch. We’re here to make the online shopping experience a slam dunk – no more guesswork, just happy, style-savvy customers.