What if you could be PacMan, running through a maze chomping all the dots while avoiding the reaper ghosts? What if you could be in Street Fighter, almost like that Black Mirror Episode Striking Vipers that takes the two players into a near Matrix-like version of the game?

Augmented reality arcades are now a reality. You can stand up any arcade game in AR by adding interactivity, bringing it to life in a new dimension, with new ways to interact and engage your audience. 

No longer do audiences need to search far and wide for arcade bars, tracking down quarters from the bottom of pockets or pestering staff who are always short on change in the age of card and tap payments. AR arcade games are for everyone, anywhere. 

Augmented Reality Arcades Are One-Click Away 

Enter WebAR, a web-based and app-free, one-click-to-play augmented reality Arcade experience. 

With a simple URL or QR code, reach your audience across any social media platform or print activation. 

The global arcade gaming market is rapidly developing with the new affordances of immersive technology (Market Watch). According to a study by Technavio, the increasing popularity of new-age arcade machines is the major trend in the market, growth which can be accelerated by augmented reality. 

AR enables traditionally pay-to-play games to become globally scalable F2P social experiences with massive commercial potential through partnerships that reward audiences with special offers, coupons, and personalized commercials that add value and utility to their lives. The more your audience plays, the more unlockables and prizes that wait just around the next turn. 

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Arcade Gaming Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Not to mention, traditional F2P game conversion rates are at 2.2%, while Geenee AR triples audience conversion! 

How about Candy Crush or Tetris AR?

We’ve made a few demos that demonstrate the seamless user journey from QR code/ link discovery to launching an augmented reality arcade experience. If you’d like to bring these to life with interactivity, you can reach us here: 

On your mobile? Click this link to launch into WebAR!

Make Your Own AR Game With Our Drag & Drop WebAR Builder 

We all love the classics, but our digitally native audiences are even hungrier than PacMan for new content. 

Geenee AR is a code-free, drag & drop make-your-own AR experience builder. 

Use ready-made 3D models from a third-party asset marketplace like Sketchfab, natively integrated with Geenee’s interface. 

Alternatively, import your own custom 3D assets in less than a minute, and add custom CTAs. Need some help or want to add interactivity? Our team is here for you.

This type of interactive, life-like experience isn’t just limited to augmented reality arcade games. You can stand up appliances, interactive toys, cars, clothing and accessories in the same way, or even include them as a remix of classic ARcade games. 

Maybe PacMan could become a FedEx truck collecting Amazon packages that, when supercharged, unlocks special offers that audiences can click-through to convert.

Snapchat’s recent Consumer AR research report made in partnership with Deloitte revealed that interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate, as individuals can better assess them and feel more connected to brands. 

“Nothing is more powerful than AR; it is the bridge between the 2D and the 3D world, and we’ve never had that before,” said Paul McDonagh-Smith, Digital Capability Leader at MIT, when commenting on Snapchat’s findings. 

The possibilities for augmented reality arcades and interactive AR experiences are only limited by our imagination. 

Got some ideas?

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