The partnership lets creators wear and dance with their avatars or add them to any interactive AR scene template, directly from the drag & drop Geenee WebAR Builder

Geenee is thrilled to announce a partnership with Ready Player Me, the cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse. 

As of today, you can access all of your Ready Player Me avatars directly from the drag & drop Geenee WebAR Builder. This allows you to place your custom avatars into any browser-based AR scene within minutes, and share it out to your audience, no code required.

Ready Player Me is a key operator in the metaverse, empowering anyone to create an avatar representation of themselves that they can carry across more than 1,800 games and platforms. Users can design their Ready Player Me avatars feature-by-feature, or generate an avatar from a single selfie. They can even connect their digital wallets to incorporate the NFTs they own as accessories. (For instance, Web3 enthusiasts will be pleased to know DeadMau5 Head5 NFTs and the blue chip Crypto Punks are both RPM compatible).

The best part is, all Ready Player Me avatars come rigged and ready to drop right into any Geenee AR scene. 

And that’s just the beginning of how you can activate your Ready Player Me avatar with Geenee. Below we’ve listed out a few more features of this Web3D collaboration: 

Integrate your Ready Player Me avatar into any AR scene directly from the Geenee Builder.

Sign into your existing Ready Player Me account directly from Geenee. From there select the avatar you wish to place in your AR scene. The avatar will then appear in the 3D editor. You can scale, rotate, re-position the avatar, or use the code inject feature to add some additional interactivity.

Wear your Ready Player Me avatar in web-based augmented reality.

Want to wear your avatar but don’t know how to code? Even non-technical users can place their avatar into the Geenee Labs Try-on Demo to “wear” their avatar in real-time. Simply create your avatar with Ready Player Me, download the .glb file, and drop it into the Geenee Try-on Demo, HERE.


Dance with your avatar in an AR scene, just add music.

Your 3D Ready Player Me avatar is rigged to be compatible with Geenee AR’s Full Body Tracking SDK. This allows developers to create socially viral content, for instance, an avatar that mimics your movements.


Drop your Ready Player Me avatar into a Geenee AR game template.

Your Ready Player Me avatar can easily become the main character of any Geenee AR game. For instance, a fresh take on a pro skater’s classic. We caught Birdman’s new HBO doc Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off which led us to fondly recall our love for virtual kickflips. So we built our own skater game in AR using Geenee.

Want to make RPM Tony skate in your space? Play HERE. 

(Pro tip: try twisting the D-Pad while mid-ollie or slide, and you just might be able to land a 700).

Like what you see? Click below to sign up for the Geenee WebAR Builder to start creating today.

See ya in the metaverse!