1. Everyone’s AR Identity

From AR avatars, digital wardrobe and homes filled with NFT art, we’re excited to see how identity expands beyond the physical. 

2. AR Portals 

Experience real time windows into this world and virtual ones with augmented reality portals. Globalization will enter a new dimension with AR digital travel.

3. Virtual Games in Real Life 

Augmented reality brings digital magic to the real world. The world is your oyster. Play with friends in immersive and interactive experiences anywhere and anytime. 

4.  Physical NFTs Art Galleries 

Showcase your art in the real world. Add NFTs to home decor, or showcase them in galleries around the world. AR art installations are the future of galleries. 

Image Source:  Decrypt. Unit London/Institut

5. Augmented Learning 

Learn from life-sized and interactive models with AI assistants that cater to the needs of your education. Easily share and collaborate with spatial learning

6. Culture Exchange 

Bring entire cities to life with augmented reality history guides and timelapses of culturally significant locations. Step into the past or across the globe with AR in guided cultural exchanges. Augmented reality is for everyone. 

7. Information Everywhere 

Your AI assistant can overlay digital content on the real world for unprecedented access to information and insights on demand. 

8. Enter the Holodeck 

For all you Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans, the holodeck and holograms are almost here. A new era of telepresence is at our doorstep as holograms arrive in AR. 

Image Source: Light Field Lab

9. No More Screens 

No more navigating life through a pocket device or managing ergonomics with keyboard and screen height as everything becomes augmented reality.

10. A Truly Augmented Reality 

Our augmented world is just around the corner. Augmented reality glasses are arriving, and contact lenses are not far off. According to AR contact lens leader Mojo Vision, we’re only 5 years out from market adoption!

Image Source: Mojo Vision Inc.