Tired of giving the same old gifts each year, but fresh out of ideas? Look no further than ​Geenee AR’s handy Augmented​ Reality (AR) ​ Gift Guide. In this blog, we‘ll cover 5 unique and innovative ways to augment your gift-giving this holiday season. From personalized AR ​photo albums to digital outfits & accessories and more, these gifts are sure to impress and surprise your loved ones. Get ready to take your gift-giving to the next level with the power of AR.

1) AR Photo Album or Card

An AR-powered holiday card is the perfect stocking stuffer this season! ​Bringing your family photo to life​ in AR allows you to spread the holiday cheer and share some of your favorite memories from the year in a unique and interactive way. Plus, the convenience of viewing photos through the mobile browser means they can easily be shared with friends and family​ without ever downloading an app. With Geenee AR, you can change up the content of the card any time throughout the year. Other festive items to augment? Think wrapping paper, photo albums, and graphic tees!

2) Customizable AR x AI Bucket Hat

Right now bucket hats are very on trend. But rather than shell out for a real one that might not match your friends’ taste and could very well end up in the giveaway pile, this AR hat can easily be customized in real-time. Thanks to the integration of Stable Diffusion AI x Geenee’s Face Tracking AR, your friends can enter any word or phrase to instantly change the design of their new digital hat. 

As with any piece of digital apparel, you can change the design or add new features anytime. What’s old becomes new again and AR lets you wear your digital fashion anywhere, in real-time.

3) AR Calendar

A gift that keeps on giving all year ‘round! Add AR embellishments each month, and deliver personalized greetings on special occasions, like holidays and birthdays. Change the content any time via the Geeneee WebAR Builder.

4) Digital Puppy

Hoping for a barking present under the tree this year? Give the gift that’s practically as good as a real puppy, but with way less responsibility – A digital puppy! This little cutie follows all your voice commands, including “sit,” “stay,” “roll over” “play dead,” and “shake” and you don’t even have to walk or clean up after it. Your friends will love it, (and thank you later). 

5) Put the AR in Art

Augmented reality brings art to life in a whole new way, adding an extra layer of dimension and immersion to the viewing experience. This type of art is not only visually stunning but also provides a fun and engaging way to interact. It is a perfect gift for the  early-adopter and ​art lover in your life!

Like what you see? Geenee makes it easy to give the gift of augmented reality this holiday season. Start creating any of the above by signing up for the Geenee AR Builder today.