If you’re already in the NFT game, you’ll be able to jump in right away and get going with your new three dimensional augmented reality NFTs. If WebAR NFT sounds like a jumble of letters, skip below for an intro on what this is all about! Where we’re heading to is a web-based (URL), app-free, interactive augmented reality digital asset that’s registered on the blockchain.

How to Showcase Your NFT in AR

Translating your NFT into AR is as simple as drag and drop with these easy steps:

  1. Mint your artwork on an NFT marketplace like Mintable, Rarible or OpenSea
  2. Upload your 3D asset in the Geenee AR builder (More info on compatible file types here)
  3. Add audio or interactive elements such as buttons that click-through to your NFT landing page for purchase with a strong CTA (call to action), and enable your audience to share photos and videos of them interacting with your NFT
  4. Hit publish to transform your NFT into AR with Geenee AR (A QR code and URL are automatically generated, so you can easily share your work)
  5. Share your NFT in AR to attract new audiences and buyers

We can’t wait to see what you make!

There’s currently a waitlist for Geenee AR in beta, but we are fast-tracking access for 3D artists interested to explore how AR can support this exciting new digital art market.  Sign up here and when you create your first AR NFT, tag #PoweredbyGeenee so we can check it out!

Hold on, What are NFTs?

For those new to the space, don’t worry. Here’s a quick intro to NFTs to get you up to speed.

Whether you’re an individual, artist (of any medium!), or company, you can create value and stand out from the crowd by using augmented reality as a part of your strategy.

Beeple $69-Million NFT’s Mystery Buyer Revealed by Christie’s

Beeple’s NFT collage, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, sold at Christie’s for $69 million. Image: Beeple

Non-Fungible Tokens Represent Digital Assets on the Blockchain

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Fungible means interchangeable, so a non-fungible token is a unique token that cannot be exchanged at equal value for another token.

This is because each NFT represents a unique digital asset that has been registered on the blockchain. An NFT is the record of authenticity, or proof of ownership, but not the asset itself. You can think of an NFT as the deed for a house, and the digital asset as the house itself.

For example, when blockchain entrepreneur Vignesh Sundaresan bought the digital art of Beeple for $69.3 million (see image above), the NFT received is simply the code on the blockchain that points to Sundaresan as being the true owner now, instead of Beeple.

So for super-quick clarification, you don’t make the NFT itself into an augmented reality piece, but the artwork that it represents.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening in this space!

Mars House AR NFT. Contemporary artist Krista Kim recently sold an NFT-minted digital house for 288 ether, valued at over $500,000 based on the cryptocurrency’s trading price. Use case: AR for digital architecture and assets.

Augmented Reality NFTs are Taking Off in 2021

People stuck at home have had more time to create, and are looking for new ways to get their digital content out there. In tandem with the broader surge in real-word collectibles, NFT hype has become one of the most talked about digital trends of 2021.

We’re becoming more comfortable with the idea of digital items having real-world value, and younger generations are uniquely accustomed to spending money on digital goods in games like Fortnite, as well as in music streaming, online events, digital assets and collectibles.

It means that the trend we see today is going to exponentially increase in the years to come, and so will the value of the work made by a number of early-adopter creatives who are gaining a reputation in the digital art world.

Augmented Reality NFTs are also making a name for themselves, as unique, interactive 3D visual assets that can be experienced in our real-world environments. It’s at this intersection of real and virtual where the greatest value is being created with AR NFTs.

Image Credit: Illust Space.  limited edition augmented reality (AR) NFT’s from the late MF DOOM.

Augmented Reality NFTs That Have Everyone Talking

From digital houses to virtual land, avatars and game assets to art pieces and everything in between, the NFT world is coming in hot.

Crypto brand RTFKT Studios and Atari created a line of digital sneakers that owners can use across multiplayer blockchain games, including Decentraland, The Sandbox, and the upcoming Atari Metaverse. The sneakers can also be tried on at home using Snapchat:

RTKFT Studios & Atari Made Sneakers for Your Digital Closet

Image credit: Atari

OpenSea Adds 'Collector Drops' to NFT Marketplace With Shawn Mendes Wearables - CoinDesk

Image Credit: Genies

Singer Shawn Mendes also launched NFTs of some of his most recognizable accessories like his vest, earrings, gold ring, and Fender guitar, which fans can use on their digital avatars in a collaboration with Genies.

Another great example is Gucci selling AR NFT sneakers that can be tried on via their app prior to purchasing the digital only asset.

Owners of the Gucci Virtual 25s scan a camera over their feet and the trainers appear

Image Credit: Gucci

It’s an exciting time for NFTs, and AR can help to create real world value for brands and creatives alike.