We are on the verge of a paradigm shift at the intersection of WebAR and the blockchain. This convergence exists where transparent data ownership, instant digital payments, and creator control are colliding to reshape Internet commerce.

WebAR and blockchain technology are improving how we create and consume, with new creatives and brands collaborating to make innovative campaigns that will define the next decade in this space. In our latest quarterly report, we explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and data insights to capture an accurate picture of where the market is and where it’s all going. 

Geenee Inc. Quarterly Report: Augmented Reality Meets the Blockchain (Click to Download PDF)

In summary, the free report covers:

The Augmented Reality Market

The NFT Market

Augmented Reality NFTs

Challenges and Solutions to WebAR on the Blockchain 

Stakeholder Insights 

Brands, NFTs and the Blockchain 

Case Studies

Luxury Goods 


Brands & Influencers 


Branded AR NFTs for Good (Charity Fundraising) 

Predictions for the Future 

One thing we know is that augmented reality and NFTs are here to stay. These innovations are creating enormous and long lasting impact across commercial enterprises, grassroots communities, independent artists and creatives.

AR NFTs are a transformational technology, taking us out of the 2D industrial age of the internet, into the 3D spatial web. The future is now.

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Geenee is excited to announce our partnership with the NFT exchange Mintable. Now anyone can mint interactive AR creations directly from the drag & drop Geenee WebAR Builder and have them instantly listed to the Mintable marketplace. 

This new feature lets creators monetize their art and allows for a whole new way to engage with digital collectibles. More details on the feature in our latest blog, here

Interested in minting your artwork or AR experience as an NFT?

1) Make sure you have an account set up on our drag & drop WebAR builder (here)

2) Send us an email with your username to [email protected] to opt into the new AR NFT feature.

When you mint your first WebAR NFT, this is also at no cost. We do not charge any gas (set up) fees. Upon sale, you will be charged a one-time 2.5% fee via the Mintable marketplace and a one-time .5% Geenee fee.

If you’re a first time user, your first 14 days of access to our builder is free (here).  

Additional Resources 


WebAR NFTs are the future of the creator economy and commercial activations. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, these resources are for you: 

An introduction to WebAR and NFTs:

Augmented Reality NFTs are as Easy as Drag & Drop (click to open)


How to make and mint your own WebAR NFT:                                   

Would You Like to Turn Your WebAR Project into an NFT? Here’s How. (click to open)


How to make your project files compatible for WebAR:

Make Your 3D Assets Web AR Compatible in Three Easy Steps (click to open)


An example of the results of making and minting your WebAR NFTs: 

Jaylen Clark x Geenee AR NFT Pricing List (click to open)

Work With the Geenee AR Team 


Our WebAR Drag & Drop builder is for everyone, but you can also work directly with our experts in collaboration to ideate, create and launch your WebAR/ WebAR NFT campaign. 

From games to portals, fashion, education and automotive to working with influencers and more, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out our Geenee WebAR showcase to try first hand some of our featured experiences. Click or scan to launch! 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more at [email protected]